Capello: He’s a talented player

Wolves prolific winger Matt Jarvis didn’t make it to the final cut for the Capello English side that will face France tomorrow at Wembley.

Mick McCarthy about the decision by Capello to leave Jarvis out (from Wolves official site):

I felt a little sad for him, especially with the hype beforehand after he’d been named in the provisional squad. But they’ve got Stewart Downing, Ashley Young, Adam Johnson and Theo Walcott, so he’s competing against some really good players.”

Selfishly, it suits me fine. I wanted him to be in the squad for him, because he deserves his chance – he’s been brilliant. But in view of us going to Blackpool on Saturday, it wouldn’t do us any good if he had another 40, 50 or 60 minutes on Wednesday night.

Maybe Capello thinks – and I understand it if he does – that if he had to play one of the contenders in the next qualifier, it wouldn’t be Matt Jarvis. It might be Young, Downing, Walcott or Johnson and they’re in front of him.

So, he’s maybe better off giving them a game to get them better versed into how he wants them and a bit more confidence playing in that England shirt than maybe someone who isn’t going to be involved in the next competitive international. That’s my thinking and how I’d feel.

Former Wolves striker Jay Bothroyd got the nod from Capello, though, but in the latest press conference Capello says that the Newcastle striker and target man Carroll will start.

Carroll is OK, he is fit and will play tomorrow. He will start in the first XI along with Henderson and Gibbs. These are three young players and it will be interesting for them to play against an important team like France – they are a tough team.

Carroll is strong in the air but also technically very good and his movement off the ball is really good. He is a fighter and we need someone up front with good movement who can help the team go forward. I hope he can keep improving because this is really important. The future for him now, I hope, is in the Senior team.

Capello also comments on Jay Bothroyd:

The scouts have been monitoring him for a long time, he’s a talented player. There are good players not only in the Premier League but the Championship.

Jay Bothroyd had his good moments in Wolves, for sure. Some Wolves fans are still talking about his performances for the team in Old Gold and Black. But in my recollection he was too uneaven and didn’t show up when expected.

This season, though, he has been what McCarthy would call terrific at Cardiff. He is by far the goalscoring king of the Championship and has scored 15 goals so far in the league.

If he can stay fit he will very probable get the Golden Boot and help taking the Welsh team to the Premier League.

I’ll be watching Jay for sure tomorrow against France hoping that he will make a couple of goals and pick a spot in the qualifiers to come. But I also hope that Matt Jarvis will get his chance to represent England soon.



~ by paddytheflea on November 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Capello: He’s a talented player”

  1. would rather have jarvo than downing any day if im honest

  2. “The scouts have been monitoring him for a long time, he’s a talented player. There are good players not only in the Premier League but the Championship.“

    He may well be a good player in the Championship Mr Capello but he’s playing against Championship opposition. Look at Sylvan and how he bangs them in in the Championship compared to his Premier League tally. Nevertheless, good luck Jay.

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