International Watch: Jonny Gorman is looking very tasty indeed (clip)

Wolves players have been involved in some international matches tonight so I thought I would just keep you a little informed about what I’ve read about it.

The Republic Of Ireland played Norway at home and lost with two goals to one. Kevin Doyle played from start, but was substituted at half time. Very good for Wolves that he only played the first half of the game, as we all want him to be fresh for Saturday.

Kevin Foley came in from the bench with 25 minutes left of the game and Stephen Hunt came on when 20 minutes left.

Jonny Gorman – Academy player for Wolves – earned his fifth senior cup and the first one at home for Northern Ireland. Not bad for an 18-year-old, eh?

He played all 90 and did it very well, despite that they only managed to draw against Morocco. A penalty were given them in the 86th minute that Patterson converted. The BBC reporter was very impressed by our young midfielder:

Wolves fans will be interested to hear that Jonny Gorman – an academy player at Molineux – is looking very tasty indeed against Morocco, causing the visitors’ right-back all sorts of problems with his direct running.

Sounds good! Here’s a clip from the game with highlights:

Elsewhere newborn Wolves midfield regular Nenad Milijas got a ticket to play for Serbia after being kicked out from his national team for a few games. Some bloke with the name Zigic scored the goal in the 78th minute in an – as it is reported – very boring match. Milijas played for 65 minutes before he was substituted (thanx for that, Serbia!)

You can see a picture with some action of Milijas from todays game below.
But first a peek at some stats I’m working on to present for all the players.

Milijas last season: 62% passes correct and 58 % tackles won.
Milijas this season: 81% passes correct and 100 % tackles won.
Nice, eh?



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