International Watch: The Hoff in Greek tragedy (video)

Wolves player out on-loan Stefan Maierhofer played for his country Austria against Greece yesterday and was very much involved in the drama. But the play developed to a tragedy for The Hoff and the Austrian team.

Already in the 5th minute Austria had a fantastic chance to take the lead in the game. After The Hoff was brought down in the area Austria got a penalty, but defender Florian Klein didn’t make the best of the chance and the opportunity was lost.

The Flying Hoff

The Flying Hoff

But the tragedy would continue for The Hoff and Austria. After 36 minutes The Hoff was in perfect position to head in a cross from Fuchs in contest with the Greek keeper Tzorvas, and he did.

But the referee disallowed the goal as a foul on The Hoff. A wrong decision, as you can see on the clip below. But in continental Europe they are much more on the look out for fouls on the keeper and disallows goals in these situations more often than in Britain.

Instead it was Greece that managed to go to the lead in the friendly game after 48 minutes when Samaras caught the Austrian keeper on the wrong foot after a cross and headed the ball into the net.

But after the hour Austria managed to level the score when Christian Fuchs showed his talents as a sniper from 30 yards out.

But that was not enough to get anything from the game for Austria. Less than ten minutes from time Georgios Fotakis scored the winner for Greece and the game ended as a tragedy for Austria and The Hoff.

Maierhofer was picked before the Austrian captain Janko by the coach for this game. He is in great form right now and the disallowed goals shows that The Hoff has qualities as a target player.

Perhaps… well, I don’t want to spell that out completely, but I believe that the scouts are out for The Hoff now and that the scouts of Wolves would have been interesting if they had seen a player like this a couple of years ago – but perhaps they did. 😆

Look for yourselves in this clip!


~ by paddytheflea on November 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “International Watch: The Hoff in Greek tragedy (video)”

  1. I’m sure he could be a useful player for us, if we played on his strength. With longball-Elokobi and longball-Hahneman on the team I’m sure both he and they would have been assets :), plus Jarvis would feed him with a lot more balls than he got when he played for us last season.

    • Against Bolton he definitely would have been an asset and a constant danger in the area, Karlir.
      But I dont believe he will be given a second chance in Wolves. And I don’t believe that he wants one himself. But we could maybe get a little more back of what we paid for him – not lose out too much on the deal.

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