Holloway will be fined but he will not quit

The Blackpool FC manager Ian Holloway was accused by the media of putting a weakened team out when they played Aston Villa nine days ago

The Barclay’s Premier League found it necessary to react to these allegations – especially as it now was out in the open and the Holloway desperate defence were there for everyone to see on video.

It is the same accusations that was put against Mick McCarthy and Wolves as they changed ten men when playing against Manchester United last season.

Ian Holloway got very upset by the accusation, to say the least, accoring to the video clips I’ve seen. But Blackpool did exactly the same thing against Villa as Wolves did against Manchester United. They changed ten men of the starting eleven. Everybody is now waiting for the verdict by Barclay’s Premier League. They have rules about this that says you are not allowed to put out a weakened team.

The rules are in place because they want to keep a high quality in the league and to guarantee this in every game to the public and most of all the media, who pay plenty to broadcast the games.

The board of the organisation is made up of officials from the Premier League teams, so you could say it is kind of a peer-review. Wolves and Mick McCarthy was fined £25.000 for breaking the rules last season. I can see no reason not to fine Blackpool and Ian Holloway. It’s exactly the same breach of the rules as Wolves did.

And I’m not at all sure that Blackpool was any closer to take points from Villa than Wolves was from Manchester United.

You may think what you like about the rules, but as long as they are there they should be followed. Personally – with the 25-player-squad now in place – I think this rule should be dropped. Every team has 25 very professional players to choose from nowadays, something both Holloway and McCarthy pointed out to the media. McCarthy did it in a more calm way than Holloway, though. 😆

But Holloway did upset McCarthy – and me – by accusing him of not wanting to win against Manchester United. This is what Mick said about it:

I’ve spoken to Ollie about the comments attributed to me and my team and he has apologised to me and said he will apologise publicly. Him making changes is not my issue, but comments about me and my team are my issue, and that’s why I’ve spoken to him.

If anyone can find those comments from me, saying I couldn’t beat Manchester United and was going to play a weakened side, then they are a better man than me. I was less than pleased when I saw the comments because me and Ollie are pals and have always been very supportive of each other. And he supported me last year when this happened to me. But fair play to him, he has apologised and we will stay mates and that’s the way it should be.

They won’t escape it, how can they? If they do then the Premier League is absolutely toothless.

I can understand that Mick reacted very firm to this and demanded an apology. I can also understand that Ian tried this trick to distance himself from the Wolves case, trying to avoid the fine.

But it backfired and now – as Mick says in the interview – it would be strange and wrong if the Premier League does not fine Blackpool and Ian Holloway for the breach of the rules.

Later McCarthy has qualified his statement further and says:

Ian has earned his right to be in the Premier League. He has brought something to it, his team have graced it so far. I think they’ve been great. I wouldn’t want to see him quit over this (team changes). He’d be mad.

But they will ‘do’ him, I’m convinced. If they don’t, then what was all that I went through last season about? I don’t think it’s wrong (what Holloway did) because I think you should be able to do what you want. I was told in no uncertain terms that we couldn’t do it at a Premier League meeting at Villa Park where all my arguments were shot down.

So the conclusion by Mick – and I completely agree – is that Holloway and Blackpool will be fined for breaching the Barclay’s Premier League rules about putting out a weakened team. But he don’t want Holloway to quit because of this. And I agree on this aswell.

But – hand on heart – who out there really believe that the charismatic and successful leader of Blackpool will quit because of this?

He will not be a silent good boy and take it on the shin, for sure. But to give up the dream he is living right now? No way!



~ by paddytheflea on November 19, 2010.

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