Probable Team Lineups: Blackpool FC v Wolves

Mick McCarthy have said it, the players says it, the pundits agree and certainly the fans. Wolves must start producing now and it’s time for a win and three points at the seaside.

Blackpool doesn’t only host Wolves this weekend, but the TV show Strictly come dancing aswell. And I really hope that the Wolves team show the Blackpool team a real ball-room dance this afternoon to get us in contact with the rest of the teams of the league and build for the future of this season.

The injury situation in Wolves is pretty good. We have Edwards out for another couple of weeks and that probably goes for Zubar and Craddock aswell. Jarvis got a knock in training, but he will probably start.

The back four seem to be a constant problem, but Berra is back now and he will surely take his place beside Stearman in the middle. Ward is doubtful, so my guess is that Elokobi will continue on the left. Foley is a certain.

In the middle we will change to a 4-5-1-type of formation as the Tangerines uses that (even if they call it 4-3-3). Milijas and Henry will play in the middle, either with Jones or with Mancienne.

I hope for Jones for two reasons. We need not to sit back against Blackpool and we only need one holding midfielder – Henry. And Mancienne did not at all perform to expectations latest.

And then there’s the question of Hunt or Fletcher. On their merits in games played I would go for Fletcher, but it’s their behaviour in training aswell and if McCarthy can see progress in the play of Hunt he will of course have him starting and maybe bring on Fletcher later – but please not too late, Mick!

With five in the middle we will of course only have one left upfront. Doyle have a duck to break and this is as good an opportunity he will get in this league to do it.

The defence of the seasiders are not looked upon as worldbeaters, so do it, Doyler or accept to be benched, I would say to him before the game. And Mick uses to be pretty forward to everybody.

What about the hosts then? Well, Ollie’s got the same treatment from the press that Mick got last year. It made him furious, as it did to Mick, but I don’t believe it will have any influence on his abilities to coach his team. And he’s proven to be good at that.

Their first keeper Gilks was injured in their goalless draw against West Ham last weekend and will be out until New Years, they say. That’s a heavy loss for them.

The substitute – Ghanan international Richard Kingson – is either one of the best goalkeepers in the world – something his countrymen and a lot of others would categorise him as. Or – as former Birmingham owner Sullivan said to the press – a complete waste of space.

His career in British football talks for the latter view – as he has not managed to grab the number one shirt in any club he has played in – but his international career and his performances at the World Cup for his country tells a complete different story.

Actually he has not played more than 4-6 matches a season the last four seasons, and that could not be to the advantage for his game.

But I believe that he is an inspirational player who can act as a complete wall when inspired, but revert to that complete waste of space if he lack the inspiration.

My worry is that the charismatic Ian Halloway will be exactly the right man to instill the right mood into the keepers mind. And he has proved that he can do just that for all his players really.

I think it’s about Wolves getting ahead. We must be the team to get that first goal in this game. And a second to get their hopes down. Just keep the ball down this time. And keep it in the team.

If we play it right we will win this game. If we’re not we will lose. Simple as that. This game could decide the rest of the season when we look back to it in May. I really want us to look back at this game with pleasure!


Here are the probable starting elevens of the game:

~ by paddytheflea on November 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Blackpool FC v Wolves”

  1. First of all great site. Especially like the updates on loan players. Agree with your selection although Hunt needs to stop giving the ball away. Paddy are you 100% Irish as your prose is like a not like an native English speaker?

    • Thank you, RO!
      No, English is not my first language, that’s correct. One reason for me to start this blog was to practice the language. And when I look at my first articles some 15 months ago and compare them with the ones I write now I can see some progress, but I’ve still got much to learn.

      Well, what am I? I use to say I’m from Flea-land, RO. I like to be a little bit like The Stig about that. Always wearing that helmet on, if you know what I mean. 😆

  2. Looks about right Paddy, except maybe Mancienne in place of Jones (who seems to have fallen out of favour for some reason?). A big game for us and one we should be winning but Blackpool are a decent side and it will be tough to get 3 points up there. UTW !

    • Yes. Admit that the inclusion of Jones may be a little touch of wishful thinking from myself, sevlow.
      Jones is a much better footballer than Mancienne – even McCarthy should spot that – but as you say he seem to be excluded for unknown reasons. It would not surprise me if we will see him signing for a big club in the January window.

      As I wrote I’m scared for this as it means so much. We’re at kind of croosroads and it’s heaven or hell, really, but I feel blind-folded. I hope that the players can read the signs, though. 😆

  3. Must win today paddy! I’d personally give Doyle a rest and start 4-4-2 with fletcher and sylvan upfront

  4. Jones and Manc in – Milijas on the bench.

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