Analysis & Ratings: Blackpool v Wolves

As this became a ‘double’ I have erased it. NewsNow didn’t take this for some reason, so I posted a new article with the same content (HERE). But I wanted to save your comments.

A link to highlights in the right margin as usual – and in the Vodpod player.

~ by paddytheflea on November 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Analysis & Ratings: Blackpool v Wolves”

  1. All very well saying replace the manager every time things get tough but have we all forgotten how many managers tried and failed to get us into the Prem in the first place – all introduced to the fanfare of this is the man who’ll do it! Yet MM almost got us up the first two years and then as Champions at the third attempt. We aren’t far off being a good team – just need to get some stability at the back and a Crouch-like player up front. Maybe time for the return of the Henn!

    • High time for the Henn to return, Chris.
      I believe it’s mostly the young fans that are on the boards screaming the loudest about firing McCarthy. They don’t have any recollection about the hard years we’ve been through and thinks there is a fast track to become a stable PL-team.

  2. Just about agree with you re the ratings, I believe we will see Hennessey in goal Saturday.
    What we are lacking is a passing RIGHT FOOTED midfielder. We have plenty of left pegs but no right pegs who are capable.

    I have pointed out on many of the ‘MM out’ boards that we have only 1 point less than this time last season. However, there is a gap opening and we need to close it quick !

    • You may be right about the right footed midfielder, sevlow. But doesn’t we have one with a broken leg?

  3. ..Yes Paddy, which is unfortunate. David Bentley is surplus to requirements at Tottenham – 🙂

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