Probable Lineups: Wolves v Sunderland

Injuries. That’s the subtext for the match today at Molineux between Wolves and Sunderland.

And that goes for both teams. And many of the fans of Wolves are hurt aswell, including a little flea who went to the pub on his bike yesterday evening to cure a tooth ache, ending up bruised and with a swollen face. This remedy is not to recommend, friends. But I was without symptoms for a couple of hours. 😆

But let’s talk essentials. Both Wolves and Sunderland have their first choice central defences out of competition. And in a game with promises of goals anyway – we saw that last season – it will surely not be a dull, goalless draw today.

Sunderland are playing in kind of a 4-4-2-formation with two strikers upfront, so I reckon Wolves will do the same – contrary to some hints by McCarthy in the week and what some of my friends believe. But I could be wrong here.

With not only the central defenders out in Wolves, but also the captain and midfielder Karl Henry and substitute defender Moyokolo doubtful – and Zubar at right back not quite ready to play all game – we are in trouble.

But there are still many options for the back four. I believe we will start with Foley at the right back – if he is out injured Mick will go for Zubar – and Stearman plus Mouyokolo in the middle – If Mouyokolo is out it will be Mancienne or Elokobi – and Elokobi or Ward at left back.

Look at the above and you will not be any wiser. It’s a hard task for McCarthy to pick the Wolves team for today. It will be a weakened back line for sure, no matter how it will finally be composed.

If we play with two upfront the midfield will be Jarvis-Milijas-Jones-Hunt. If Wolves play with five it’s Mancienne playing in front of the back four. I believe in a 4-4-2 because Sunderland play it and we play at home. I believe that’s how McCarthy uses to reason.

The two forwards will include Doyle for sure and I believe that Ebanks-Blake will play beside him. He did well against Sunderland last season and has looked good lately.

I’ve forgot one position. I’ve guessed, wrongly, before that Hennessey will replace Hahnemann at the back. But after the performance of our first keeper in the last game I have to believe that McCarthy will listen to reason and play Hennessey.

My ache is coming back now so I’ll better wind this up and present the starting elevens.



~ by paddytheflea on November 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Probable Lineups: Wolves v Sunderland”

  1. There are doubts about Mouyokolo (back) and Foley (gashed knee/leg) so we may see Zubar at rb and Van Damme at cb (he can play there apparently). I still think MM will go 4-5-1 with Mancienne replacing SEB in the line up. Keeping everything crossed for a win this afternoon ! 🙂

  2. …or even Mancienne in defence and Van Damme in left midfield/left back…oh..I dont know ! 🙂

  3. Headaches all round then Paddy! Hope you feel better soon. I also think like sevlow that MM will go for 5 across the middle. After the difficulties we’ve had when playing with 2 up front recently it seems the better option to start at least.

    • Thank you, WWW!
      You could be right, Wolfie. I hope that we will see SEB in the team at some point, though. I think we will see a fairly open game with lots of chances for both teams. And it could go either way, really. I’ve seen some rumours now that Hennessey will play, I hope they are true.

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