Loan Watch: Maierhofer sets up goal against Hertha Berlin (video)

Stefan Maierhofer and his German team MSV Duisburg – or The Zebras – took a big win when they scored two goals against nothing against league runner-up Hertha Berlin away at the Olympia Stadium in the German capital.

And The Hoff helped out a lot to create that result as he was the man behind the first goal for the Zebras. He played all 90 and I believe he was thriving in the heart of the country.

Over 32.000 people, freezing their butts off, were watching as the Hoff had the first chance on goal after four minutes. He cut in from the right wing to test Sejna in the Hertha goal with a low shot.

Towards the end of the first half Hertha had a ball in the net behind the Duisburg American born keeper (!) but it was – probably wrongly so – ruled out for offside.

Just before halftime Maierhofer fed his forward mate Baljak with a nice ball, but the striker was tackled out of position so the first half ended goalless.

Hertha took a firmer grip of play in the second half, but Duisburg scored their first goal against play and silenced the frozen crowd. The Hoff was the instigator as his pass found Trojan, who lobbed the ball against the crossbar with Sejna beaten. Sahan was on hand, though, to open the scoring from only 8 yards out (as seen below).

Seven minutes later – just on the hour mark – Trojan fed Baljak with a nice ball, but his shot touched the upright on the wrong side. In the 78th minute Baljak fed the Hoff with a perfect pass but Stefan did not manage to score on this open chance.

But the second goal for The Zebra’s came when Baljak received the ball from Sahan with six minutes to go. He did no mistake and placed it firmly in the net, with the Hertha keeper trying to stop it with his fingertips.

MSV Duisburg are now second in the Bundesleague 2, succeeding Hertha in that role. Well done!

Duisburg wear the darker outfit in this video of highlights from the game:

News about our other loan-outs will reach a computer near you tonight or tomorrow. 😆


~ by paddytheflea on November 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “Loan Watch: Maierhofer sets up goal against Hertha Berlin (video)”

  1. Sahan seems like a decent player. Pretty much involved in everything Duisburg creates… Could he be an interesting player for Wolves?
    If his value is realistic, let’s buy him!!

    • Doesnn’t we have enough wingers,Karlir?! I believe that Mujangi Bia is a better prospect and he is younger that that guy. And don’t forget that Kightly hopefully will be back soon. And it takes such a long time to prepare a player from the continent for the Premiership. And that Sahan probably doesn’t speak any English either. Good value, maybe, but no good use to us.

  2. That’s my point! Kightly has been injured and who knows how long time it takes to rehabilitate, to find his form. And for Bia? He is a player for the future, but we need players with international routine to keep our place in premier. I guess it could take some time to adapt to premiership level also, but now we currently just have one wing star. Hunt is on his way and we have Foley as a kind of backup. But I wish we had two players of his calibre. And Sahan can play on both sides.

    • I think you forget that Sahan play in the second Bundesliga. Mujangi Bia played Arsenal for the reserves last week and did very well. Probably against better opposition than Sahan is up against in Germany.

      If we want and need a replacement right away for injured Kights and the two playing now we should get a player used to play in the Premier League or at least an excellent winger from the Championships who can be thrown in right away, but that will cost us much more, I’m afraid.

  3. Yes, I checked his stats from Bundesliga, and it weren’t that good, so you may have a point.

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