Two Wolves players in Barclay’s Team Of The Week

There were many players in Wolves who did a good game against Sunderland and a couple of them even made it to the Barclay’s official Team Of The Week.

Kevin Foley – our superb ‘wing-back’ who for the day played on  the right wing – impressed on the jurors because he:

Put his side ahead in the 50th minute and helped Wanderers claim a crucial 3-2 win over Sunderland

The other Wolves player chosen by the Barclay’s Premier League  is George Elokobi – our first time in Premier League central defender -on the grounds that he:

Played the full 90 minutes of the win over Sunderland and provided one assist.

They are a little lame when it comes to the motivations, not like the Nobel Committé, but anyway. 😆

I gave Foley an eight and Elokobi a seven in my ratings HERE, and I believe it’s a good choice by the Barclay’s.

As a footnote I can mention that former Wolves player Mark Davies – who played one of a few matches from start for Bolton against Blackpool made it into the team aswell as he played very well and assisted to the Bolton first goal and scored the second.



~ by paddytheflea on November 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Two Wolves players in Barclay’s Team Of The Week”

  1. Thought Elokobi had one of his best games for us – he’s got a decent throw and not bad a crosses into the box either… in terms of defenders he is fast becoming indispensable…

    Berra MUST replace error riddled Stears, and then make way for Craddock when he returns… this should shore up things a bit at the back

    Zubes Berra(Craddock) Moyokolo Elokobi

    Hope we have one or two irons in the fire for January, I expect Zubes and Moyokolo to improve with every game, but Big George can be a little slow, Berra ans Stears are not ideal choices, and we have no cover esp iof Mancienne is played in front, or worse still, recalled by Chelsea.

    451 for Blackburn I think, and then i think a daring 442 for Brum at home with SEB and Doyle leading the way.

    • The problem is that Berra is left-footed and would be wrongly positioned on the right, Ad Mant. He would not be comfortable at all there, I can assure you. A big question for Mick for Saturday is if he will replace the Team Of The Week man Big George with Berra. And as Ward played well on the right back Elokobi could find himself out of the starting eleven, and I don’t really approve of that. We need him going forward.

      Big George did some mistakes defensively as a central defender but he played good enough to play another game. Especially going forward. But even if he will be left out, his performance has put a lot of pressure on Berra to perform and get his headers right.

      Blackburn play a variant of 4-5-1, so we should do that too. We will have lots of possession against them. Every team has (except perhaps Stoke). It’s high time to use that possession constructively going forward.

  2. Sky sports do a similar ‘team of the week’ and neither of the above were mentioned but a certain Mr Kevin Doyle was.

    • Many excellent performances from Wolves players in that game, George. Jarvis and Milijas were also great.

  3. It was the right move to play Elokobi in as a central defender. He’s played that role in several reserve games, and it seems like his education has been successful (if he can deliver such quality performances on an regular basis). Stearman, although he’s a great player, and did no big mistakes in the last match, is being replaced by Berra Saturday, if one judges by performances. Now that V.Damme has left, it’s time to bring a new player in. The question is, will it be a defender, and will it be a left back? If Elokobi manages to establish himself as a member of our team, as a central defender, it is necessary to buy in a left back to challenge Ward, no doubt about that. Transfer rumours are circulating, that Wolves is interested in Steven Taylor. A versatile two footed defender, which would strengthen our team.

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