Sleep with Wolves – Probably the sexiest team in the world

Maybe you have already heard that the Wolves Official Shop have presented a new, unique collection of fashionable ladies underwear?

This is truly a unique event in the history of the club. No other club in the Premiership has a collection like this, if you don’t count the pyjamas of the club down the road, of course. But you’re not. 😆

But black and old gold is of course the perfect colouring for these items and no other club could measure up to the sex appeal of a true Wolverhampton Wanderers fan – or indeed his  wife or girlfriend.

As a man coming of age I’m very interested in ladies underwear. Come to think of it I have always been. I don’t know why, maybe it got something to do with biology, but I surely endorse this move from the club.

Thinking about it – a Wolves fan can now spend not only all day enjoying Wolves, but all night aswell.

Red teams have their traditional Christmas bunnies and blue teams have…smurfs?! Green teams maybe leprechaun’s or something, but we do have the sexiest colouring of all and I predict that this will be thee christmas present of the year around the West Midlands.

And – who knows – maybe som Blues, Baggie or Villa men will get a surprise when they go to bed next? The Wolves is no longer only under your bed, it could be in it! Happy nightmares, as Alfred Hitchcock used to say 😆

Paddytheflea – a fan of Wolves – probably the sexiest team in the world

P.S.This is not an ad, but my girlfriend says that if Wolves Store like this article, she wouldn’t say no to have some items for free (instead of punishing me for using their pictures, I might add). 😆


~ by paddytheflea on December 2, 2010.

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