Probable Team Lineups and prediction: Blackburn v Wolves

At first I thought that this pre-match article was to focus on the injuries of Blackburn and our chances to get points of them away because of that, but right now I’m not so sure anymore.

Both team will be crippled, for sure. Latest news from Wolves says that David Jones will be out because of an infection from a cut he got against Sunderland latest. Shit!

We shure could have needed him on the midfield with Henry out injured. Now it’s about taking in players in postions they are not too used to play in. But I believe we can put out a good team anyway.

Let’s look at it in detail for Wolves. Hennessey did well last and will stay on as our number one keeper. Zubar was excellent on right back. Stearman – made a mistake (again) and many of the fans would like to replace him – but with whom?

It is nota wise decision to have two left-footed central defenders on. I don’t believe that Berra would feel comfortable at all at right central – so it’s Elokobi that will be left out – despite his promising display against the Black Cats.

I, for one, would like Zubar and Elokobi to get a shot as our central defenders, but McCarthy would not – and should not – make such an experiment in a league game. What about the full-backs, then?

I believe that Zubar and Ward did a good job against Sunderland and should stay on. It’s the middle of the park that is the big concern against Blackburn. With Jones and Henry out we lack the a lot of experience and – maybe most of all – work ethic and everlasting power of running.

But Milijas has proved to be not only an elegant and creative star, but a grafter. Or that is what McCarthy has turned him into, in my opinion (even if I suspect that him losing his place in the national team has something to do with it). Well done, Gaffer!

Mancienne played well against Sunderland and proved he can take on very good attackers. He will be essential against Blackburn. Keep it simple and don’t mess around with the ball, please.

But where do we then find that third inner midfielder, because we surely will play a 4-5-1 game away against a Big Sam team? In my opinion it’s Hunty or Foley. McCarthy said tonight that Fletcher is doubtful, so that option on the wing from start falls.

I believe that Mick likes to preserve the beautiful cooperation of Zubar and Foley on the right, so my informed guess is that Hunt will play in the middle. He is ready to play for 90 minutes now and he is starting to show form, so I’m not too worried, really.

What about Blackburn then. Lost out to United with 7-1 when we almost got a point from them, lost to a sloppy goal in the 93rd minute or something. A walk in the park?

No! Get that out of your minds, Wolves fans!  And not only because they will bounce back. They are much better at home than away and have won all of their games but against Sunderland – a draw when they got one player red carded after 45 minutes – and they lost against high flying Arsenal and Chelsea.

But they too have lots and lots of injuries – they were out of seven first squad players against United – Grella, Nzonzi, Olsson, Andrews, Kalinic and Givet are impreseive names to their injury list. But the seventh name may be a problem for Wolves.

He is a midfielder with a capability to score and assist to goalsand to inspire, not the least – Morten Gamst Pedersen of Norway is the one and foremost dangerman of Blackburn in my opinion. We can contain every body else in their team, but I’m truly afraid of this man.

What about the result then? Well, Wolves are on the up and we haven’t got the results we deserved so far. But like the Bolton game this is not an easy game to win. And that one was at home. We could really get nought, one or three out of this.

I predict a game with little passing and much hoofing. Both teams will avoid to play through their weak inner midfield. Functioning wing play is of course paramount, and we’ve got the better of this, but who will score from the crosses to the area? Has Mick worked that out?

McCarthy is looking for a target player and at the same time as I write The Hoff is scoring in Germany – loaned out for the season. But even if we sign a new one, with the formation in use there´s no place for an additonal forward.

Despite being a little flea in the hair of the almighty Mick McCarty I sometimes find it hard to fathom his ways. But I cannot reach the inside of his head. 😆 Wouldn’t it be better to strengthen our midfield before thinking about getting a target player and play 4-4-2?

Back to the game. It sure smells like a draw, but luck and determination is of course crucial. And heart. And my heart says 2-0 to Wolves! The first clean sheet of the season. Bring it on!

( EDIT: Pedersen should probably be included instead of Dunn or Hoilett)



~ by paddytheflea on December 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups and prediction: Blackburn v Wolves”

  1. We love u Paddy. Greetings from Norway.

    • Thank you, Norway!
      Your comment was automatically treated as spam. I hope it was not because of your name, that would be discrimination. But I picked you up from the trash-bin. I love you back, Norway. 😆

  2. I dreamed it was 4-2 to rovers with 10 mins to go and they got a man sent off, but then I lost reception on my phone and couldn’t find out what happened at the end!
    On his day pedersen is capable of producing some lovely stuff, but he doesn’t do this as regularly as he used to, and as he’s just back from injury he’ll hopefully have a quiet afternoon.
    I’m going for the first clean sheet of the season, and goals from Jarvis and Foley to make it 2-0.
    Come On Me Babbies!

  3. Looks spot on to me Paddy ! UTW 🙂

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