Analysis: What’s wrong with Wolves attack?

I’ve mentioned it before. Several times lately in my pre- and post-match articles. Why don’t Wolves score more goals despite attacking?

Yes, I know that our defence is the real problem. The evidence stands very clear. We are the only team in the Premier League AND the Football League (CC, League 1 and League 2) without a clean sheet.

But look at these stats from our last four games.

Shots at goal: 15, 23, 14, 19
Shots on goal: 5, 9, 7, 7
Corners: 12, 11, 11, 11
Goals: 2, 1, 3, 0

Can you find five faults? 😆

No. What sticks out is that we have so very many corners. More than any other team in the Premiership from the four latest games. But with so poor results in goals. We are at the top of the league when it comes to shots at goal aswell. But again…the results want come.

We are a very attack-minded team right now. We are in fact very entertaining to watch, even from an objective point of view (my cat).

But with the amount of shots and corners we produce we should score many more goals. Unlucky? Such things tend to even up, but when looking at play I have another answer – or a couple of them.

Let us look at the corners firstly. The typical Wolves corner is a very well taken corner by Jarvis, Hunt, Milijas or Jones that lands perfectly out of reach from the keeper and among a bunch of nearly still standing players from Wolves and our opponents, not so far from the goal.

It is in a crowded part of the penalty area and it’s very hard to hit the ball clean and to hit it towards goal – with head or feet – without an opponent blocking it.

The remedy to better corners is to take a short corner – at least once in a while – or to play it to a player that stands in a better angle just outside the penalty area where it’s less crowded.

Or we can do as Blackburn did to us. Hit it long and have a man standing at some distance from the back post heading it inside again, creating a bit of surprise and a better chance to score.

Another way of  taking a corner is to set up the potential receivers further out in the area and he has a chance to hit it harder with pace and without that crowd of opponent defenders that usually have an easy task to block the attempt.

The key is, though, to vary the corners. Wolves have been good at varying free-kicks. The team should have the potential and fantasy to take better corners. With the amount of corners we create in a game we should get 1-2 goals a game from them. that’s about 10-20 percent resulting.

Add one more goal from all our shots on and at goal – when we turn the game quicker and run at goal instead of to the sides this could be achieved – and we should have the potential to win two out of three games, in my humble opinion.

Is this just a mathematical fantasy play without substance? I don’t believe so. And of course we have to better our defensive play aswell to get those clean sheets we all need to sleep better at night. :lol:.

But we can do better when attacking and it’s not much we have to change to get there. But if we can reduce the goals we let in too we will win three out of three!

Up the Wolves!



~ by paddytheflea on December 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Analysis: What’s wrong with Wolves attack?”

  1. That’s a good question. Why don’t we use these set pieces situations better? Defensively we’ve had conceded many goals from opponents wing crosses. Our defenders doesn’t cope very well in this aspect of the game, and it seems the same count for set pieces like corners (especially with Craddock injured, Elokobi is maybe our one of our best players on corners because of his strength).
    The aerial strength of our midfield and attack must be one of our biggest weaknesses now a days. We had strength there in previous seasons, but not this season, due to the departures of Iwelumo and Maierhofer.

  2. Think you may be being a bit generous with comments about the corners, Jarvis often takes very poor corners that are easily cleared by the first man. Think we do a poor job of positioning ourselves in the box on corners though, we start too far into the box so we cant make runs to attack the ball, we’re always stuck underneath the cross. Also, one of the best headers in the side, Berra, is always removed from being a threat as he stands on the keeper for every corner we take, that should be the job or someone thats poor in the air being useless by just getting in the way.

    We have the same trouble with crosses in open play, the players in the box usually make their runs far too early when Jarvis has the ball. He rarely plays the early ball into the box yet our attackers make their runs far too early and then the cross ends up being behind everyone. Its something that really should be worked on in training as i have seen no improvement on either situation all season. Mick can blame bad luck as much as he wants for the lack of goals, in reality its us wasting the opportunities from crosses and corners by making poor runs. The fact its gone on so long this season leads me to think that the reason we’re in this mess this season is down to bad coaching rather than bad luck.

    • I believe you are on the spot with most of your comments concerning the corners and the crosses, Mark.

      It is true that Jarvis has missed out on one or two corners, but most of them are actually quite good taken in my opinion. I think you remember the mistakes more than the good ones.

      But about the runs you are spot on and I blame management too – att least for part of the mess. About Berra it is true that he sometimes takes on the keeper, but I’ve seen him miss many headers from a distance aswell. Headers that Craddock would have nailed some of. The abscense of Craddock is to be seen in attack on set pieces aswell as in defence. And he want be back until February. We got to sign a central defender in January. A good one! And an inner midfielder!

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