Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Birmingham City

Time for a derby. Something all fans cherish and this season we have many of them. But this one – and probably the next – could have come at a better time for Wolves.

With nearly a whole first team injured we are crippled and I would be surprised if we can perform at our very best this Sunday. The last one to be reported in doubt is our winger Matt Jarvis and without him the attack will lose very much of it’s edge (see a complete injury list HERE).

But McCarthy has to pick from the players available and they can still give Birmingham a good match at home in my opinion. A Birmingham team with McFadden long time injured and Hleb got injured against Fulham. A striker named Phillips is said to travel with the team to Wolverhampton after being out with injury recently.

The match against Birmingham last season marked a low point in Wolves play and we were chasing them without luck after an early goal in the back. Wolves have got used to that situation this season, but no better at handling it, I’m afraid. it’s essential not to let any goals in, especially not early ones.

Berra is back in Wolves back line. That’s a huge positive and he did well latest. I believe he will be accompanied by Stearman in central defence. Their performance will of course be crucial for Wolves and we can afford no mistakes. The rest of the back line is easy to pick. Zubar on the right and Elokobi on the left.

Despite many casualties to injury among the midfielders I believe that McCarthy will start with five of them. Edwards is back and I like his performance as an advanced midfielder before his injury and believe that McCarthy does so too.

Milijas will of course play and Foley will probably be prefered ahead of Hunt on the right. If Jarvis is out Ward will play on the left and with Jones, Henry and Mancienne out Hunt could be given a starting position in the middle. Kevin Doyle is a given as lone striker.

What about Birmingham, then? The tall Serbian target player Zigic did show some form coming on from the bench latest, but I don’t believe that he will start. McLeish will surely have respect enough for Wolves away to start with five in the middle aswell.

Will this mean a defensive and boring game, then? No, I don’t believe so. Wolves has proved to be one of the more forward going teams in the Premiership, despite starting with only one forward.

So it will surely be entertaining – but not necessary that many goals – as Blues don’t score many and they have a defence that’s hard to penetrate. So it could very well be an entertaining goalless draw, if that is possible for goal-hungry fans to fathom. 😆

Here are the possible starting elevens for the Sunday game at Molineux.




~ by paddytheflea on December 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Birmingham City”

  1. Actually, with Doyles scoring record this season I would rather see him out on the left wing and Fletcher in the centre and Bia on our right wing. It is also possible that Zubar takes the place of Stearman and Foley on the right. You’ve been very accurate in your proposed possible line-ups before. Let’s hope you’re wrong on this one. It’s just way too defensive for me.

    • I actually like this proposal very much. I know Bia can cause problems with his pace, and if given a chance, I think he’d like to take it.
      Zubar in the middle with Berra, and Foley on the right sounds well to me,
      And also, since Doyle can play on the wing, I’m hoping he’ll be put there.
      Anyway, Up the Wolves!
      I’m getting up at 5:30 am, and I hope I’m not disappointed.

  2. I don’t believe it’s the formation of the team that’s the problem for Wolves. It’s playing better in the final third and to take the chances we create. And as I have shown we are creating lots and lots of them.

    Maybe SEB would be better to take them and I would like to give him at least 45 minutes if we are not in the lead after the firt half. But it’s important not to concieve and with a 4-5-1-formation we can defend better. Mujangi Bia? Perhaps. I haven’t seen him enough to know. I wouldn’t mind playing Zubar instead of Stears either.

    But it’s very much about defending better on set pieces and attacking better from set pieces, not about trying new players on new positions.

  3. What about Halford?
    Surely, he can play accross the defense, even midfield, and he’s a playmaker!
    He creates chances with his giant throw ins, he’s good at free kicks, and he’s good at headers!
    Why doesn’t McCarthy see this!?

  4. If you ask me paddy I think we need to spend a good few million on a decent keeper, I do think hennessy has potential but he needs a couple of seasons in the championship first. Also i went to Blackburn last week and Paul Robinson in net for them was absolutely outstanding. Maybe a loan move for shay given would do us no harm 😉

  5. Team is in !

    WOLVES: Hennessey, Zubar, Berra, Stearman, Elokobi, Foley, Edwards, Milijaš, Hunt, Ward, Ebanks-Blake. SUBS: Hahnemann, Fletcher, Mujangi-Bia, Ebanks-Landell, Winnall, Rooney, Doherty.

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