Robbie wants to play for Wolves (video)

Well, I may have fooled you a little there. I don’t mean Robbie Keane. It’s Robbie Findley.

Never heard of him? Maybe not so strange, as he is an American who play in the MLS for Salt Lake.

But don’t write him off just yet. He might be what Wolves need to turn the game fast and score, something we have to get better at in my opinion.

Robbie Findley is a 25-year-old American International striker with much pace. He actually played against England in the World Cup last summer as a substitute and he also played against Ghana.

According to the Daily Mail McCarthy has said that Findley has to prove that he is fit, as he has not played for a couple of months. Could be true and I have no doubts that Findley wants to come to Europe. And many clubs will probably be interested in his services.

This is a video compiled by his agent:

Some well taken goals there, ey?! An he really is fast. Not a tall target player, though, that we all know is on Mick’s wish-list. But it looks like he could be a man to play in a counter attack and that he can handle the ball and score.

But could he handle the harsh climate of British football? I don’t mean the weather, but the tackles and all the tricks defenders use to stop an attacker in British football. He probably has much to learn at that department.

He was on trial at the Danish club Brondby last year, but they did not sign him. That is of course not a good sign, but he is a year older and has the experience of a World Cup now.

But as he is a free agent and we need that kind of fast counter attacking striker I would say go for it, Mick. take him on trial and charm him. 😆 But maybe the big clubs are interested aswell?


~ by paddytheflea on December 20, 2010.

9 Responses to “Robbie wants to play for Wolves (video)”

  1. No harm in having a look at him. He is a two footed player and has a lot of pace. Some good goals in there but the standard of football, is of course, not the same as the PL.

    • It’s hard to tell, really, if he could cut it in the PL. But he has the advantage of the language aswell and to be a free agent. But maybe other teams are prepared to pay him more per week than Wolves?!

  2. That’s the kind of gamble we can afford to make. If he’s as fast as the videos show, he would be to us now, as Camara was to us at his best. We need players with extreme qualities. Together with Keane he would represent two more options up front. It may also indicate that Fletcher is on his move.

  3. If he has the technical ability, then his pace will see him be a very good PL player. Take him on trial, see what his attitude is like and if it’s good we have 4 good strikers.

    • I believe that he has the technical ability. I have seen a video where he is dribbling the ball around for fun and it looked very skilled and advanced.

  4. Sooo, not only was the headline misleading, but he’s nowhere near fit and not even Brondby wanted to sign.

    so glad i clicked.

    Lets move over to KJKs post above – we need players who can perform NOW, none of this young and hungry bullshit. We are in a relegation battle, on which, hinges not only our Prem survival, but the ability to hold onto our star players and almost certainly the postponment of all Stadium development plans.

    No time for gambles on maybe-coulds, we need talent, we need it now.

    If Keano and Lescott could be bought in – even if just for the remainder of the season on loan, then in the background we could entertain a player like Findley.

    • If we could get either of Lescott or Robbie Keane on loan I would be a very happy Flea. 😆
      But I don’t believe that we will sign them on a permanent. They’re too high maintanance for us with a weekly pay of between 50 and 100.000 pounds.

      This Findley guy is not to be compared with Mujangi Bia. Robbie is 25 and has played in the World Cup. Bia is only 20 and for the future if we keep him. I know that Mick said that he was not for the future, but that was apparently wrong.

  5. This Findley guy seems like a good striker.
    He certainly knows how to score goals, and how to assist them. The video shows that he knows exactly where the goal is.
    But then again, Mujangi Bia looked the same on YouTube last year…

  6. Yes and Mujangi Bia has hardly been given a fair crack has he? I think this could be a win win situation, hes surely a better option than marcus bent for a 4th striker. He could arguably even chip in with a couple of goals and help stretch defences with his pace.

    As far as i see it he could go two ways, Eddie Johnson of Fulham is an example of one of the US’ best strikers not being able to cut it in the PL. However he could end up like Altidore at Hull who imo did cause problems with his pace and robust style.

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