Edward Elgar Wolves Chant Recreated (mp3)

I’ve finally got my Edward Elgar Wolves shirt from Philosophy Football now and as there is some music on it I have managed to recreate the (very short) tune called “We banged the leather for goal” (or did I find it on the web?) that is considered to be the very first footballing chant ever.

I’ve written about it before HERE and as I have played some music in my life I was very interested in this tune by the great composer. I’m not so sure that this little excerpt of seven seconds is the whole thing, though. But it sounds rather exiting, does it not?! And try to sing the title “We Banged The Leather For Goal” to the tune. It really fits!

I want to hear this one from the stands against Wigan for sure! If you can grab some of the young singers who sang it in church – very good – but you can sure learn it easily from this seven second midi-track:

Good luck! 😆


P.S. On the right side of the player above you can find a thingy that downloads the mp3 file to your device (at least it works for me). And then you can load it up and use it as a ring tone or whatever. D.S.


~ by paddytheflea on December 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Edward Elgar Wolves Chant Recreated (mp3)”

  1. You’re a legend for doing this… but you’re going to need to help me out a touch here Paddy…

  2. Aaah. Does that mean that you could hear it?

    It’s easier than you think to sing it, dboy. If you can only hear the melody in the midst of all the other notes it’s easy.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dan Southern. Dan Southern said: Classic work from Paddy RT @paddytheflea: Edward Elgar Wolves Chant Recreated (mp3): http://wp.me/pCgtV-1Kr #wwfc […]

  4. Hey Paddy!
    That’s a great tune, and I almost feel like I should have that as a ringtone!
    Great job, and the link does work.
    I think I can kind of sing along to it too!

    • I actually have it as a ringtone already, Erick!

      If you look at the player above it has some ‘thingy’s on it’s right side. One of them is a download. Then the mp3 file loads to your PC/Mac and you just do the usual thing to load it into your phone.

      Even easier if you read Paddy on a handheld, of course (about 15% seem to do that!). I uploaded it to my phone by Bluetooth. And now I can sing-along with Elgar everytime anyone phones me. It takes longer time for me to answer on the phone now 😆

  5. It’s easier than you think to sing it, dboy. If you can only hear the melody in the midst of all the other notes it’s easy.

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