Probable Team Lineups: Liverpool FC v Wolves

My informed guess about the lineup for Wolves in the Wigan game was spot on – eleven out of eleven – but some of them didn’t perform like I anticipated and the end result was not according to plan, mildly put.

What are our chances to take us out of our despair and to take a revenge at Liverpool, then?

Well, we are at the bottom of the tables and they are number eleven. They have won their three latest home games in the league and we haven’t got an away win all season so far.

They’ve got their first team starters Gerrard and Agger back and we still have our first choices Doyle, Henry and Craddock – the best players in each section according to manager McCarthy – out injured. To conclude. There is absolutely nothing that says that Wolves should or could get anything out of this game.

But a supporters hopes never fades away completely. There’s always a little entity inside your head or on your shoulder saying; ‘It’s not impossible. We still got a chance here. There have been bigger upsets than this’.

Or we could turn it all around ad say that Wolves have everything to win in a game like this. Nobody expects us to win, so there’s no pressure on the players or the manager in this game. And I use to take to the old device of the 1968 leftist movement saying ‘You’ve got no chance – take it!’

(I’m not sure if this running Wolf works. It’s supposed to – in some magical way – make our players run faster and better and to always be chasing the ball and our opponents) 😆

To the lineups then. Liverpool and Roy Hodgson are of course happy that the big freeze made it possible to get their injured in shape and they can welcome Gerrard back in the midfield and Agger at left back.

And Torres is back at home after being absent because of the birth of his son Leo, I read. So if you see a bunch of reds swinging their arms after a goal (but it’s a no-no) you know why.

I doubt McCarthy will play the same starting eleven as against Wigan after watching the game and the players performances. But in some positions he’s got slim options.

But hopefully he takes some measures to better the lineup by placing out of form right back Zubar on the bench and use Foley in his right back position. With Jones available to play in the engine room that is a possible positive change.

With Craddock and Mouyokolo injured it’s impossible to improve the central defence, though. I also believe that the play of Jarvis impressed on our management and that he is ready to play from start. But Edwards is a possible choice both on the wing and in the middle instead of Jones.

And Fletcher must have strengthened his chances to play from start with his goal latest. Maybe that is enough to replace Ward to the left back?!

So these are the possible starting elevens in Liverpool and Wolves.



~ by paddytheflea on December 28, 2010.

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