Loan Watch: Danny Batth will join team to Liverpool

Out on-loan central defender Danny Batth has been called back from Sheffield United to be in contention for a spot in the team against Liverpool tonight.

I wrote in my probable team lineups article last night that Mccarthy had no options for the right side central defender other than the mistake laden Stearman. But now he has one!

This is a very good move from McCarthy and I really hope that Danny will get his chance from start.

He has shown leader qualities when he played out on-loan and he was captain for the reserves before he left for the Blades.

Good Luck, Danny!



~ by paddytheflea on December 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Loan Watch: Danny Batth will join team to Liverpool”

  1. I’m always talking about how Danny Batth and Scott Malone are good defenders and they still don’t play.
    Well, here we go. I hope Batth starts, does great, and stays in the first team, and replaces Stearman!
    Next up, Zeli Ismail (;

    • I would enjoy it immensely if Batth gets a start, Erick! I believe we must get the best of our young own players chances in the first team and Batth couldn’t be worse than Stearman was against Wigan. He has great qualities and is big and strong. He will be a big assett to a Premier team in the future and I hope it will be Wolves.

      Zeli for next year, hopefully!

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