Probable Team Lineups: West Ham v Wolves

Feel so much better now than just a few days ago. Wonder why? 😆 And you can bet that Wolves feel the same as a team and a happy cow gives more milk. (sorry, but that was the first I could think of and time is running out this year) 😆

To the fans of West Ham I can only say that you will host Wolves on the first of days and the worst of days. There is no way Wolves will lose all three points to you – even as the match is played at Boleyn Ground.

No reports of more players coming back from injury yet in Wolves, but who need them. The ones who play are doing just great and brings joy to the world.

I suppose that playing many games in a short time brings the question up about letting some rest, but when winning that doesn’t seem that important and I believe that McCarthy sees it the same way.

And I don’t believe that the style of play of West Ham brings any needs to the fore about bringing in other players either. Some have proposed to take in Edwards to mark Parker, but I believe that Hunty and Milijas can do a job together on that. They did a good job stopping Gerrard playing at Liverpool.

But Wolves need to apply a slightly different tactics now. We will probably have much more ball and we have to bring it up quickly and play on their half of the pitch.

But we had a territorial advantage of 60-40 against Pool, so just keep it about that way or better, lads.

But West Ham are confident aswell after some good results lately. But actually they were lucky to get a point against Everton. They rested Cole from start latest and he will probably play from start and with Piquionne getting a knock maybe Obinna will play from start with him upfront.

They rested Gabbidon aswell and he may play at left back (poor fella, trying to stop Jarvis) 😆 as Ilunga is probably out injured. And then there’s Stanislas or Boa Morte on the left wing. They rested Stanislas latest, so I guess that Grant will play him now.

That gives us these starting elevens in the first day of the new year.

Happy New Year, by the way, as I’m sure it will be!
Wishes a happy Paddytheflea 😆


~ by paddytheflea on December 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: West Ham v Wolves”

  1. Hopefully it will be a good start to the year, and a start to a good run of results.
    I say 2-0 to Wolves. Jarvis and Hunt to score.
    I might be being too hopeful though.

  2. If that is the team west ham play they will get seriously battered. That back four is pedestrian at best, gabbidon and BEN HAIM as fullbacks!! I hope your right mate because if they are they will be seeing the back side of jarvis for a lot of the game.

    • I agree that Jarvis should get round them, yes. Let’s hope his crosses are good tomorrow and that we have people in the area who can make something out of them.

  3. Last year Jarvis ruined us he is a quality player, if Obinna is on form your defence will be running after him all day long the guy is class he doesn’t score a lot but he creates a lot of chances, I don’t rate our defence gabbidon will do a job at left back if he plays if you watched him against spurs he stopped lennon and lennon was non exsistant I think he got subbed, sears I’m shocked he come back from scumthorpe and now playing but he is surprisingly quick you should watch out for him, Tomkins is immense hopefully he can keep EB quiet, I think there is a chance of us playing faubert right back he is shocking but I think tal ben haim is just as bad, upson plays when he wants too, our key man is parker I think he’ll ruin your midfield he is our driving force 3-1 west ham!

    • Yes. I read that Tomkins was very good latest for you and we ususally have a problem with tall guys in the middle. Jarvis is even better now, pompeyhammer, and he will sure be a threat to your defence. And Ebanks-Blake is in top form aswell. 2-1 Wolves.

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