Loan Watch & Rumours

Greg Halford has now signed for Portsmouth until end of season. He didn’t, however, have any luck with his appeal to a three match ban after a red card, so he will be out of play for a while.

Halford has been very succesful at Pompey with four goals in twelve games for them and their manager plus the fans are very happy to have him for the season.

Meanwhile Steve Sidwell is expected to sign for Fulham today after a medical. He was very close to sign for Wolves twice. First as we were the first to show a real interest in taking over his Villa contract (until summer), secondly when his demands were rejected by West Ham, that stepped in offering him a club closer to home.

But apparently Fulham will be his final destination as they are offering him a new contract. Villa gets more money and Sidwell gets closer to home. Nothing to do about it, really.

I believe he would have been a good signing for us. He is a strong inner midfielder with good defensive capacities and he is a good passer aswell. He may have been a better choice than both Henry, Mancienne and Foley in the engine room together with Milijas.

Rumours have it that we are interested in the tall Millwall striker Steve Morison. As we all know Mick McCarthy is alway on the lookout for a good target-man upfront and this could really be his new choice for the position.

He scores a lot for the London club and also contributes with many assists. This is as a replacement for Bent and The Hoff, who will probably not come back to Wolves after his loan period goes out in MSV Duisburg.

There are of course a lot of other rumours flying around at this time of year. Cuellar at Villa is one and Wheater in Boro another. And I guess that the Wolves management are watching them aswell as some others. Will Robbie Keane come to Wolves? I would be very surprised if he did.

Jez Moxey today say that it’s very difficult to get players in this time of year, and that we are looking at potentially two or three new signings.

So I wouldn’t expect too much in this window, really. Maybe one player who can compete with the ones we have for each department of the team – defence, midfield and strikers. But with injured coming back and Wolves playing well I’m not that worried about the future. At least not at the moment. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on January 7, 2011.

9 Responses to “Loan Watch & Rumours”

  1. Steve Morison could be a good move. I haven’t seen enough of him to say if his better than the players we already have – but I’m not exactly happy with this one. I’m rather a little discontent that we aren’t bringing in any profiled players, quality players coping with the high premiership standards, after the Keane rumour, not that it necessarily bring forth better results.

    Sidwell is such one profile player, but since we have a lot of high quality players in the central midfield position, I’m not that disappointed. Im pretty certain though, that we’ll bring in a player c.m position.

    To me Hammill and Shittu (or another quality defender) is the most important issues in this transfer window. We need backup for Jarvis and Hunt in case of injuries and increased competition. After Kightly’s long break from the game it may take some time to find back to his form.

    • I don’t believe that Shittu is better than anything we got, Karlir. And I don’t believe that we need backup for Hunty and Jarvo. Both Fols and Wardy are available and Mujangi-Bia aswell.

  2. disagree, disagree, disagree… we need at least one, pref two defenders.

    • I see what you mean, Karlir, but in my opinion we cannot afford that kind of players. And I don’t mean (only) economically. That kind of players are usually not good at helping out defending. Maybe when we have become a solid built middle of the league team we can afford them.

      I believe that Hunt was a very good choice by MM because of his fighting spirit and defending qualities. And it doesn’t hurt that he is very good at set pieces and attacking aswell. And Jarvis has learnt alot about defending under MM. That’s at least how I look at it. We got to have 11 players good at both attack and defending. Total football the McCarthy way. 😆

      (this was actually a reply on Karlir’s comment)

  3. Both Foley and Ward can play on our right Wing, and do so in a solid- not outstanding way. My point is that we need players who can run, dribble past 1-4 players, create chances on their own, like Ronaldo, Nani and Hammill. Players with such abilities makes a difference, especially if they do this on an every game basis, like Jarvis. Hunt lack the technical abilities to be a player on the upper drawer, compared to the international wing stars.

    The stats don’t lie. We’re the second least scoring team in the division. And I don’t belive it’s the philosophy of our manager that’s the cause of our poor score rate. I rather think it’s the type of players we have had available. The january transfer can be an opportunity to change that.

  4. The way we are playing today has served us well, so I understand your point of view. One may ask one self why we are playing the way we do. We played much more attacking minded in Championship. And we played entertaining and scored many goals. MM changed our style when we were promoted, he had to, and changed to 4-5-1. I’ve noticed the change back to 4-4-2 this season, which suggest a wish from our manager to score and create more chances. Only the future will show what direction the McCarthy way takes. Evertons style of play has for instance also changed gradually in the course of the last three years, from a very direct physical way of playing to a hyper continental way of playing (i.e those games I’ve seen of them this season). I don’t think we’ll see mayor changes in style of play, but I think we’ll gradually see changes towards a more attacking minded football, as an result of getting hold of /developing world class players. The hindrance: our strict wage structure. It might change after our stadium is rebuild.

    • Exactly, Karlir. We had good enough Championship players then to play a more attack-minded game and 4-4-2. But last year MM found out after some games that we didn’t have the player skills to play 4-4-2 and defend good enough so he started to play 4-5-1. This year we started with 4-5-1 but changed back to 4-4-2, as he reckoned the players now were good enough to defend despite one less in midfield.

      But if that’s going to work they have to work their socks off helping out to defend – all over the pitch and every player. That means to pressure high up on the holder and mark every players moves in their faces. They did that very well against Liverpool and Chelsea.

      And we have seen another development this season aswell. In delivery. The lads passes the ball better to each other now and can hold the ball in the team much longer and better. But this was used more in the beginning of the season – and without the good defending and pressure we have used lately. But when we bring these developments better together and they work we wil be a top team. We seem to be able at some games (Liverpool, Chelsea again).

      So I believe that I can see where McCarthy has been and where he is going. That’s why I support him and want him to stay at Wolves and fulfil his vision for the team. I think it’s a great vision (if I understand him correctly and have drawn the right concliúsions). 😆

      And about attacking and wage structure. I think we play a very attacking football this season. We have had more chances then the average team in PL. It’s more precision that’s needed and a smarter attacking play in my opinion. I’m glad you are pointing ut developing of world class players, cause many supporters doesn’t recognise that as an option and a possibility. I think MM does.

      And if they perform and we get higher up the ladder they will get more pay and with a bigger stadium and better play we will get more people watching the team play, better deals from sponsors and the ball is rolling. And it is rolling as I write. 😆


  5. Sharp has scored against us in the FA-Cup. The question is, is it enough to revive MM’s previous interest in the player? Ha’s scored 10 goals in 17 matches for Doncaster.

    He’s no target man – anyway, my tip is that he is a wolf after the january window has closed.

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