First signing for Wolves on the way

Dundee FC striker Leigh Griffiths will sign for Wolves if he will be declared fit by the medical he will go through today and tomorrow.

That is the talk of the town now up in Dundee and even the BBC has listened to it. Who is then Leigh Griffiths?

Striker, 20-year-old, born in Leith. Came to Dundee FC in 2009 from Livingston, where he made his debut as a 16-year-old. Has played for Scotland B and the Youth teams.

He has scored 21 goals for Dundee since he came – in one and a half season and 46 games that is.Ten goals this season. He is reported to have signed for £150.000 and costed Dundee £125.000 when they bought him.

Wolves seem to have agreed to loan him back to Dundee for the season at first, but the SFL didn’t agree to that. Dundee FC is in financial difficulties with the taxman at their door, so they have to sell to get out of administration.

He was actually in an area down the road to Wolverhampton on trial for a club who claim to play association football in April 2009. But when their manager Mowbray got the sack they didn’t sign him. Maybe a new Bully? 😆

My guess is that he will be a player in the Development team this season and maybe he could take the step up in the future. Anyway, he could be a prospect and he doesn’t cost that much, so it is no big economical liability.


~ by paddytheflea on January 12, 2011.

18 Responses to “First signing for Wolves on the way”

  1. Any chance we’re any nearer to signing a decent left back Paddy?

  2. I would like the gaffer to give him a taste already next game in the FA-Cup. Scoup! MM likes to take “advantage” of teams under administration, it seems 🙂

    • I don’t believe he’s ready for that, Karlir. The fact that we were prepared to loan him out to Dundee again speaks to me that he will not play with the first team this season. But both Shits and Brum was looking at him a year and a half ago, so he could be quality in the future.

  3. In Mick we thrust

    • Speak for yourself mate. I’m thrusting nothin in him. I don’t think he’d let me even if I wanted to.

  4. He’s a dundee player, not a dundee united one. wouldn’t get too excited

    • Thank you, homer! My wrong. I’m not very educated in the football teams of Scotland. I have changed it now.

  5. Hi folks, just thought I should point out that this guy doesn’t play for Dundee United, he plays for Dundee who are in the Scottish First Division. So he hasn’t even played in the top division up here. He’s just a young guy and a pretty good player but is quite lightweight and extremely temperamental! No chance he’ll be anywhere near the Wolves first team for at least a season.

  6. Fixed while I was typing!

    • Yes, but thank you for the comment about the player anyway, Rosewell Arab. Hopefully he will mature in our develoment team. Our scouts and our manager are very good at spotting talent, so he could be a piece of coal waiting to become a diamond after a good deal of pressure in training and reserves games. 😆

  7. Don’t forget where Michael Kightly came from…. MM seems to have a knack for picking up bargain priced players. And just because you pay £10m for someone doesn’t mean he will automatically fit into your team. If it did Man City would be World beaters by now!

  8. In mick we trust ?

    With Bentley Bridge and Sidwell all going to our relegation rivals this signing means absolutely nothing. In fact its a sign that we are either unable to attract decent players, and/or that Jez and co would rather sacrifice premiership status to save a few pennies.

    Make no mistake the challenge at hand is much greater than last season. With a team that is still pretty much 90% our Championship squad, it doesnt take an accountant to see that the cash outlay versus Premiership payments accrued means that someone somewhere is making a lot of money – and it isnt WWFC

    Wake me up if we sign a decent left back.

    • A club doesn’t have payment for new signings as their only expense, Ad Mant. And new quality signings are hard to find.

      Our Championship squad is no longer that at all. You live in the past. We have a good squad of Premier League players today and as most squads in the PL they started out at lower levels. I believe that they are perfectly capable to keep us in the Premier League for another season. It would be nice to sign one or two quyality players, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

      Wolves have shown that it is possible to beat any club with our current team and we will get better as the season goes along. That’s because we develop more as a team than the others, because of the youth.

      Finally. Wake up, Ad Mant! We signed a descent left back a couple of years ago and he is now excellent. His name is George Elokobi. But I do agree that we could need a back-up in the position.

  9. Why are we signing Griffiths when Mick can’t use Fletcher and SEB properly? Why are we signing him before Winnall (20 this month), Hemmings (20 in March) and Spray (18) are given good runs?
    Aren’t manager Mick McCarthy, Chief Scout Dave Bowman and European Scout Taffy Evans too oriented to showing off how clever they are, rather than using well the players we’ve already got?

    • While I agree that McCarthy should use our youngsters more in the first team, Nippy Lobo, – at least give them more minutes, especially in cup games – I am not against signing young, inexpensive talent. That is both good business and good for the football team in the future. We got to develop talent of our own and cannot compete with the big spenders and if we get hold of talented players when they are 10, 15 or 20-years-old doesn’t matter in my opinion. But this signing has nothing – or very little – to do with the first team of today.

  10. It’s just business – you sign up a promising youngster for £150k and then he either makes the grade, flops totally or you sell him on for several times more than you paid. Writing off £150k is nothing by today’s standards so it’s a no-brainer.

  11. We need to sign 1 0r 2 qua;ity players to help us stay up.
    Nothing else really interests me at this time!

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