Loan Watch, on Hammill & Injury Report

I forgot one of our out on-loan players when I made my weekly (?) report yesterday.

I’m very sorry, Matt Hill! Your team Barnsley played against Hull away and you were among the starting eleven and I should have noticed that, I agree. I’ll put in a picture of you with a Barnsley shirt as an apology.

However, you lost with 2-0, perhaps because of two red cards. One of them were handed to former Wolves player Shackell after his second yellow in the last minute of ordinary time.

But before that their captain Foster – also a central defender – was sent off four minutes after the hour. And at that time Shackell got his first yellow for dissent of that ruling.

The foul by Foster was inside the area and Matty Fryatt, fresh from Leicester made no mistake and secured a lead for Hull. The second Hull goal came on injury time, just a couple of minutes after the sending off of Shackell, so that were really the decisive moments of the game.

The Barnsley manager Robins was very disappointed when talking to the press afterwards. He explained the first penalty and red card as too harsh and that it was the first Championship game in the career of the referee. And he was extra upset because the red cards meant that both his ordinary central defenders are suspended. But reports say that Hull was the better team even before the incident.

What about the rumoured Wolves signing winger Adam Hammill, then. Well, he had a very good shot at goal from 20 yards that tested the Hull keeper. And eight goals this season from the flank is not a bad goal-tally.

But don’t we have enough back-up wingers, with Mujangi Bia looking good and Kightly hopefully coming back soon?  The latter return from injury is probably why Wolves are waiting with their bid to Barnsley. That’s at least my educated guess.

If Kights is back up and running without pain or swelling he should be among the ‘new 25’ in the squad in my opinion – not an unproven Premier player from the Championship.

Things are still looking up at sick-bay – despite Kevin Foley being out for another fortnight with an infected ankle.

Karl Henry is back and playing and is among the starters tomorrow against Donny along with Jody Craddock – and that’s official. Or it is to read on the official website. I very much look forward to see Jody playing again!

We have to wait a little bit longer for Dave Edwards, but he is back in full training and let me guess that he will be able to play on Saturday.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is said to be back ‘shortly’, what ever that means. I hope it means to the game against Liverpool. We need his firepower and work rate. Or will he be our ‘secret weapon’ already tomorrow?

To the loo


P.S. Video of the latest Hoff goal now inserted HERE.


~ by paddytheflea on January 17, 2011.

9 Responses to “Loan Watch, on Hammill & Injury Report”

  1. Mujangi Bia impressed me last match against man city. I hope we go for Hammill no matter what. It’s great quality for pocket money, and it gives us competition and alternatives. Otherwise, as we play now a days, I’m quite happy with the players we got. Of course there is this rumour of interest from Wolves in a star player at Lens. We lack cover for Miljas. If he’s getting injured we’re in trouble. Do we need an extra striker? We’ve got 3 quality strikers, and I can’t see we can get in someone better than those we already got. Of course it would be ideal to strengthen, just look at Man City who’s strengthening at every opportunity. We have money to spend. We were ready to bid up to 6 mill for R.Keane, so it’s not entirely impossible, but I doubt it.

    • We were interested in Keane last season, but that was before we signed Fletcher. So I doubt we will sign a major forward now.

      It wouldn’t be fair to Hammill who wishes to play if he will be our fourth or even fifth choice as a winger in my opinion. And a player without games will stop to develop and will be to no use when we need him, Karlir.

      The consequences for the team spirit with too many good players not starting is there for everybody to see in teams like Man City, Karlir. I prefer the closeness between the players – and between the player and the management – of Wolves every day, Karlir.

  2. Now that Bent signs for A.Villa Carew get’s available.
    If we only could sign him on loan. He would add something different
    to our current squad, that’s for sure.

  3. Paddy, It is a big ask to expect anything from Kightly,this year,he has been out for over 12 months.Isn’t Hammil a left winger and we already have two in Hunt and Jarvis.Jarvis is far more effective on the left.We need in my opinion someone whose best position is right wing.Personally I would prefer Jimmy Kebe from Reading.But it ain’t going to happen,is it.Hopefully they will pull off a couple of good signings.For a start we are short on numbers,and we don’t want to get caught out in the run in,which is quite favourable.

    • I sure hope we have had our share of injuries now, Chris. But you’ll never know, of course. And we need a couple of players for back-up, I agree. I think I’ve read somewhere that Hammill can play on both wings, but that of course goes for Jarvis aswell.

      I would say that Jarvis offers something else n the right wing. He seem to go more at goal and less along the line to the corner flag when he is on the right. A more modern wing play. And I want him to do that so I almost prefer him on the right.

      If the knees are o.k on Kightly after this last operation in Sweden he will be injury free soon. Then it comes to training up the speed and then match training. If he will be ready to play in a month or a month and a half after a couple of reserves games I think he should be one of the 25.

      We may very well not even have enough players to name 25 anyway, so… But I’m sure the management, physio’s and trainers will know everything abut that and they will asess it all with caution and make the right decision. I have not at all given up hope to see Kightly play for Wolves this season anyway. He could be the man that gives the team the push to stay up in May.

  4. On Adam Hammill, I don’t think we need to worry too much about him being called a winger. When I’ve seen him he’s played much more like an attacking midfielder in the Milijas, Jones mould. Milijas is suberb except he lacks stamina and Jones may be on the move in the summer, so I think Hammill would settle right in as a sub for Milijas and a possible replacement for Jones. One question Mick and Jez have to ask themselves is whether they will be in for someone more expensive in that position in the summer. If we are sticking with our current economical policy, then I think Hammill would be a good-value acquisition, unless Mick thinks we’ve already got a youngster just as promising on our books. In Mick we trust!

    • You could be right there, Nippy.
      He has tried Championship youngsters on the position earlier without good results. And Hammill seem very eager to play, which I don’t see coming this season.

  5. I am amazed that we are supposedly looking at another winger and I suspect there is no truth in the rumour, it is just a ploy by Barnsley to start a bidding war for their player, after all the only viable option at present seems to be Blackpool and that means only receiving the minimum release clause fee of £500,000.
    I would like to think that we are concentrating on a centre half and left back, with either a centre forward or creative midfielder if possible. Sadly I suspect this years January window will be as pointless and frustrating as last seasons and frankly I am not expecting big things. The worry is that unlike last season we do not have the footballing version of the walking dead at the foot of the table (Pompey and Hull), so what we have at the club at present may well not be good enough to save us.

    • According to Nippy he could play as a creative midfielder, Mike P. And the one does not exclude the other.

      I believe we have what it takes to stay in the Prem. The nine last games of the season are all against teams in our own league and by then our team will be better than ever, believe me.

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