Probable Lineups tonight: Jody and Karl from start

Mick McCarthy says it straight out. Both Captains will start tonight against Donny.

Contrary to the statements of Craddock last week that he need a couple of Reserves games before he can compete (from the Wolves official site):

“I’ve always needed three or four reserve games to be up to what I would consider a good enough standard. I’ve pretty much got the fitness but I need to be match-fit which you only get from playing games. I couldn’t just play a first team game because it would be embarrassing.”

“Another couple of weeks would be the plan – that would be fantastic providing everything goes well and I play those reserve games. I only played 60-odd minutes this week but I need to play 80 or 90 minutes and once I’ve done that, I’ll need to play another 90 minutes to get all my sharpness back. They know I’m taking longer than Karl (Henry) and I know that.”

“There’s no point me rushing back. It’s just the way I am as a player and I’ve always been like that. There’s nothing I can do apart from play those reserve games and use them as a springboard to get me back.”

So is McCarthy rushing Craddock back against his will and will he be rusty and a liability to the team effort? Well, not easy to tell, really. But his reasoning sounded rational and right then.

But I haven’t watched Craddock in training and talked to him. Maybe he is more match-fit than he thought he would be a week ago. Anyway. Good luck to Craddock and of course to Karl Henry aswell.

McCarthy also say that he will rest a couple of players tonight. I hope those players will be Jarvo and Ned (Nenad Milijas). They both could need the rest to be fresh for Liverpool after hard matching for weeks now.

That would give us the following Wolves starting eleven against Donny:


~ by paddytheflea on January 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Probable Lineups tonight: Jody and Karl from start”

  1. I read on Sky that Griffiths shall feature. Don’t know if he starts out as an reserve. Would very much like to see him upfront with Doyle. Those two should have complementary skills. Griffiths is lightning fast, Doyle a formbidable playmaker. Bia is another player I look forward seeing more of, if I find a stream.

    • I find that hard to believe, Karlir. Grffiths was not part of the Wolves team when the first match was played and should not be allowed to participate in this game according to the FA rules. And he will be someone for the future. Maybe he will play with the firt team the season after next.

  2. You must have an inside source(?).

  3. 11/11

  4. ehm… sorry 10/11

  5. Very interesting line-up. We win this one

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