Reflections on the Wolves win against Doncaster

In the biggest win since the 2003 season Wolves went through in the FA Cup to the fourth round with blazing colours.

And – almost as good – Wolves managed to keep a clean sheet in the game – giving the new composed back-line a welcome boost. The result finally became 5-0. Awesome!

I will not try to report about the game, because unfortunately I haven’t seen it. But I shure wish I had. The goals were scored by: Fletcher (5), Mujangi Bia (61), Doyle (66), Jarvis (74), and David Jones (92).

I didn’t believe that Craddock would have the pace and concentration to play for the whole 90, but he did. The full backs were the same that ended the game against Manchester City and I’ve got it right in my pre-match report that Mick McCarthy would rest Nenad Milijas and Matthew Jarvis.

This was the Wolves team for the evening:

Wolverhampton Wanderers (4-4-2): Hahnemann; Mouyokolo, Craddock, Stearman, Zubar; Mujangi Bia, Jones, Henry, Hunt (Jarvis, 69); Doyle (Vokes, 78), Fletcher (Ward, 77). Substitutes not used Hennessey, Berra, Milijas, Davis.

To have Jody Craddock back in the starting eleven is fantastic and this could be the most important result of this game – not the result in goals or the fact that we are through to the fourth round.

He commands and calms the back line and also shows by example how to play. I believe this will make Wolves a much better team at defending  for the rest of the season – regardless if he will have Berra or Stears at his side – but I reckon it will be Berra.

Already in the second half of the Manchester City game we could see the impact of Zubar playing on left back and Mouyokolo at the right on the team performance.

They both act as modern wing-backs, taking the ball up and going forward and cross the ball or play one-two with the winger. And with them following play high up on the flanks it allows our wingers to go more straight at goal trying to score.

That adds to our firing power and gives the team more goals. And I believe that was exactly what happened against poor Doncaster Rovers. If we can do the same against Premier League teams I will be a very happy flea for the rest of the season. 😆

But there is of course a downside of playing with wing-backs. If they are high up the pitch and a counter attack is launched they will leave our central defenders alone with perhaps two or three opponents.

Because of that everybody must be very careful and keep the ball in the team and not lose it easily. And Wolves probably have to play the inner midfielders a little bit further down the pitch so they can jump in to defend and help our central defenders if necessary. With Karl Henry back – our inner midfielder with the best defensive skills – I think we can pull that through.

Two goals after corners with only five corners given to Wolves is a very good result. This must be the first time this season that they have managed to use the corners that well. I’m very pleased with that.

And Mujangi Bia did very well on the wing and also changed wings with Hunty and Jarvo when he came on, the reports say. And he scored his first goal and played well, alas with a little lack of precision with his shots. Congratulations!

Finally. At this point I have no idea how Henry did in midfield. But when a team win with 5-0 the captain is of course the first one should congratulate. And I hope McCarthy will get better from the bug that bit him.

Bring on Liverpool!


Oh. And we got Stoke at home Sunday after next in the Fourth Round.

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Karl Henry and Jody Craddock are back


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One Response to “Reflections on the Wolves win against Doncaster”

  1. A Fantastic result! Yes, I agree, two wingbacks increases our firepower. And our wings are both lightning fast, with high workrate, and contributes very much defensively.One now surely see what a cunning fox McCarthy is on the transfermarket. I can’t praise our managers transfer policy high enough. With Griffiths and possible Hammill arriving we’ve got to another prospects in areas we’ll need to strengthen. We’re developing quality players all the time, and those we have is getting better and better. I hope we’ll keep those quality players we’ve already developed and which is attracting interest like Jarvis, and Henry wants a new contract. We’ll beat Liverpool, I’m sure.

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