The Adam Hammill signing: Back-up or first eleven?

Adam Hammill – 23-year-old winger from Barnsley – today put pen to paper and signed for Wolves. But will he play a major role as a starter this season or only act as a back-up to the wingers we already got and maybe play a bigger role next season?

Eight goals are an impressive figure for a midfielder in the Championship. And he is schooled at the Pool academy, so he has the ground skills to become a very good player, I’m sure.

As he costed Wolves only 500k to sign he is definitely worth to get and I have seen him play and he looks a decent player to me – but not as good as the wingers we already have in the club in my opinion (watch video-clip below). And you will never know without actually ‘doing’  if a player is ready to take the step up from the Championship to the Premier League level.

At this stage I have two questions that I would like to ask the management of Wolves in this matter;

* Does this signing mean that you judge that Kightly will not be ready to play in reasonable time in this season?
* Does this mean that Jarvo will be sold now or at end of season?

I am very worried about the answers I would get to these questions. Because if both Kightly and Jarvis will be available to the club this season I see very little need to sign Hammill and very slim chances for him to get any playing time. And he has stated that he will choose a club where he have a chance to get just that.

Let’s hope my suspicions of the reasons for Wolves to sign Hammill are wrong – and that we signed him because he was on the market and it was a good deal – and that all our wingers will be ready to compete for the places in the starting eleven – including Adam Hammill – who I of course welcome very much to the team!



~ by paddytheflea on January 20, 2011.

15 Responses to “The Adam Hammill signing: Back-up or first eleven?”

  1. A good signing Paddy ! A two footed player, though he favours his right more than his left. I would not expect Jarvo to be going out, as for Kights, there has not been much news on his reovery lately so I suspect we will not see him in a Wolves shirt this season. I look forward to seeing Hamill in a Wolves shirt (maybe off the bench Saturday?). We now have cover for Jarvis and Hunt in the shape of Hamill and Mujangi-Bia, which was a cause for concern to me. M-Bia played well in the cup match against Doncaster where his shoot-on-site policy paid in the end!

    • Yes. We need players with that kind of policy, sevlow and hopefully his aim will get better. And of course it will be perfect to have back-up with fresh legs on the bench. And wingers often gets injured so we need the players, but i’m still a little worried.

  2. Ive just commented on a similar story on vital… if the wolves board want a mutiny on their hands, then Jarvis had better remain a Wolves player. We dont need the cash – we are constantly reminded that Wolves’ signings are in line with keeping the club financially stable… so unless it is a stupid amount of cash thrown at us why would we sell..

    I leave it to Jez and Morgan to see who’s interests they have at heart, their own or our beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    • If a player wants to go there is not much a club can do about it these days, Ad Mant. Not if they want to keep the piece among the players and a good team-spirit. But I sincerely hope that Jarvo does not want to leave.

  3. Well I certainly hope that we do not sell Jarvo – although other people on other sites would! a concern that I have emailed Jez Moxey about has I feel if the club do sell him then there would be a backlash from the fans, I don’t see the need for him myself has we have enough wingers, maybe your first question is on the ball in that kightly may or may not play again – otherwise why buy him? as the money could have been better spent -left back for one!

  4. When the story was somehow broke that Jarvis may be opting to sign for Liverpool on the Daily Mail site, I commented that Wolves don’t need the money and that more than likely it will be because Kightly is not yet fit to come back into the side and will be left out of the 25 until the end of the season.
    I’ve been openly supporting the 3MS over there policy to discover the next “young, hungry” talent to mature into Wolves heroes and I very much like their set-up at the moment. However, it will severely undermine my support for them through us being in the relegation zone if they do in fact let Jarvis go. In name alone this season Liverpool are a bigger club than Wolves, not in performances. I sincerely hope that it’s not Jarvis who wants to jump aboard a sinking ship.

    • Well, I certainly don’t hope so, S.A. Wolf, but it would make sense if Jarvo – after only nearly being picked to represent his country – would opt to go to a team that offers him a ‘bigger stage’ to perform on.

      It is very well known that players in teams on the lower half of the Premier League don’t usually get a chance to play for England – no matter how well they perform. Liverpool may not be the best alternative for him, but maybe Everton.

      As said I really hope that it is not the case, but I’m not naive about it either. We have been lucky in keeping our team close to intact so far and I hope we can do that in the future aswell. That is of course a corner-stone if the plans of the 3M will function.

  5. He can play the role as an attacking midfielder also, competing with both Hunt, Jarvis,David Jones, and Milijas for a place in the team. I hope and belive Hammill starts our next game as a substitute. When one of our first team regulars tire, throw him on. He’s a player not yet developed, so it may take some time before he adapt to premiership and gain enough confidence to dominate. Adam Johnson adapted rather quickly to premiership, and what I’ve seen from Hammill so far, suggests he can do things on his own, like Adam Johnson does for Man C. Such players are useful when the games are in the final phase and our team struggle to create chances against well organised opposition.

    • I don’t think we shall compare him with Johnson, Karlir. At least not yet. To sign AJ should cost us at least £20M – Hammill was signed for 500k – 40 times less if I’ve counted right. But hopefully he will fit in with the lads and get some playing time from the bench and be able to count on if any of our wingers gets injured.

  6. 7 mill they paid for him

    • O-k, fourteen times, then. But he’s worth much more now, after making success at City.

  7. I remember we were one of the teams interested in him, and I searched him up on youtube, and didn’t find very many videos of his days in Middlesbrough. If one considered their performances in championship with Hammill they would end up pretty even. But Johnson is an u-21 international, which raised his value formidably. When Man City came in there were no doubt what club he’d choose.

  8. Worried that maybe the writing is on the wall for Kightly and if he does come back he won’t be the same player. He’s been out most of two years now – a long time for any player but especially one who relies on pace.

  9. Oh come off it Flea, where has Jarvis ever intimated that he wants to leave Wolves…?? That said, its Reassuring to hear the response from both Mick and Jez…

    Cant wait for kick off…


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