10 Reasons Why Wolves Will Kill Kenny’s Merry Men Off

I’m getting fed up with people that still are in denial about the fall of Liverpool from the fab 4 of the Premier League and the rise of Wolves in stature in the footballing world.

Even usually well informed Wolves fans don’t realise just how good Mick McCarthy’s team is and that the glory days of Liverpool are over. No King Kenny can change that.

Because of that I will now present 10 reasons why Wolves will win today:

1. Liverpool have only won 2 games away from home in 13 months

2. Wolves have won 4 of their 5 latest home games

3. Wolves have scored 10 goals in their last three games, Pool 3

4. Wolves are 9th in the official PL formguide – Liverpool number 18

5. Liverpool Captain Gerrard is banned and out. The Wolves captain is back in play after injury

6. The Wolves players are full of confidence after 4 wins in the last 8, Chelsea and Pool among them. The Liverpool lot are weak and worried after only one win in the last 8

7. The Wolves win at Anfield was well earned. Wolves were the best team and they know how to – and that they are able to – beat Liverpool

8. Wolves have a boost since the teams last met with three of the most important players back in contention after injury. Kevin Doyle, Karl Henry and Jody Craddock – the backbone of the team.

9. There will be 26.000 singing, jumping and shouting Wolves fans at Molineux today and only a couple of thousand Liverpool supporters.

10. Wolves have had the same manager in 4 years, Pool change them like shirts. That means lack of continuity and development of the Pool team.

It wasn’t very hard to come up with these ten reasons and I could easily come up with ten more. The only thing that worries me now is that football is a game where the best team don’t always win – and the cold weather.


~ by paddytheflea on January 22, 2011.

33 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Wolves Will Kill Kenny’s Merry Men Off”

  1. Personally i think you’re wrong. Simple. You can easily make stats say anything you like. I could say “Liverpool have had 4 managers in the last 14 years, Wolves change them like shirts”. I think by doing this article a few hours before the match is just setting yourself up for a fall. You win, so what. You lose, your article/stats and your attitude looks like a joke.

    • You are totally right, Toomaz. But then you may understand how small I believe the risk for a fall is. You are going DOWN! 😆

  2. 1)’Even usually well informed Wolves fans doesn’t realise just how good Mick McCarthy’s team is’. No, they doesn’t does they?
    2)’The only thing that worries me now is that football is a game where the best team does not always win. And the cold weather’.
    Wolves are certainly not the best team, both teams have to play in the same weather, and, and , and. And you can’t start sentences with AND!
    I can’t really take anyone seriously that writes a blog without a basic command of the English language.

    • Sorry, Danny, but English is not my first language. But you can start a sentense with and. And I do it all the time. 😆

  3. Very funny. I enjoyed it! When do you return to your world?

  4. Well put Paddy. We’ve got the team and confidence to keep Pool’s Messiah winless since his comeback. The answer to the $64 mil question – “Who killed Kenny” – will be – a determined Wolves outfit.

    I’m pumped for the game. Have the chair set up and one or six great Aussie beers on ice.

    Go the Wolves!

    • 😆 I’ve tried to find an image with a wolf killing Kenny, Aussie Wolf, but without luck. But sometimes reality is better than fiction. 😆

      • Just find one of Merlin throwing that knife – that’ll get the message though!

        And don’t worry about the literary giants Paddy, write the column the way you want. That’s what makes it so enjoyable. As a former journo and someone who used to write plenty of column pieces, it’s better to write the way you speak. That’s what gives it individuality.

        Cheers – Aussie Wolf

  5. Aussie wolf,
    Now you’ve lost all credibility, how can we believe a word you say.

    “Great Aussie beers” ha!

    The things some people say.

    • Hi Fin,

      Remember that’s why we ship Fosters out of the joint. There’s plenty of truly beaut beers here in God’s Country mate! I’ve you’re ever in Sydney I’ll shout you one!

  6. I love how the Pool fans know you’re right but they’re attacking your English.
    We’ll win Paddy!

    • Some people are really getting ideas above their stations. I would much rather Liverpool started their revival against a more important club, but Wolves will do. They’re all 3 points.

  7. There is only 1 AussieWolf. Who is this imposter????
    Must be a real aussie as he calls that aussie pi55 great beer lol.

    Wolves 2 Liverpool 1.

    Go the wolves

  8. hahahahaha wolves have fans lol!!! i didnt know that!! hahahaha

  9. Ten reasons why Liverpool will win

    1, wolves left back
    2, wolves centre back
    3, wovles second centre back
    4, wolves right back
    5, wolves left midfielder
    6, …..etc etc etc….

    also, 21 points in 22 games would be considered good for you wolves fans! So this season is a good one for you. We one the other hand are still having a really bad season and that puts us 5 points ahead of you still. Wow…hope to see you back in the premiership in a few years!

  10. This looks like one of those articles that you will regret writing after todays match.

  11. One thing for sure.
    If Wolves win there will be NO L/Pool “fans”, (and I really use that term fans loosely) writing a well done the best team won on this blog. However, be sure if they do fluke a win they will all crawl out of the woodwork to try and give us a hard time.
    Do they not realise that supporting a club means being there through thick and thin as the majority of Wolves supporters have. I remember Chorley, and remember it well, we are on a long road back but we will support our team through thick and thin not like the fickle ones who claim to “support” teams in the top 6. This could be the start of the long road for L/Pool.

  12. paddy why are you preparing for a fall with these ten. if I was a betting man I would look at yer standing in the league and Liverpools and make that first point. 1 better overall form in the league. that’s where it counts. pool are doing really badly but Christ we are not at yer dirt level ye…..do you have any international players or players who once played a game for their country. I’ve been looking at yer squad bob only Doyle stands out..

    I assume you will tear down top ten when ye lose lol LOL.

  13. Well said my newly-found brother!

  14. 1 reason why paddytheflea should keep his mouth shut.

    1. Kenny Dalglish

  15. Just one reason why you didn’t win.


    3 – 0 it wasn’t even close…..

  16. 0-3 hahahahahahahhaahhahaha cmon paddy where are u at!!?? hahahahha



  17. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….. 10 reasons why wolves will beat king kenny’s merry men…… rofl….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah..seriously!!!! 0-3. enough said

  18. Bet you feel silly now eh Paddy? They were ten very valid hopes though.

  19. 3 ‘reasons’ why Liverpool beat Wolves.
    Torres 0-1
    Meireles 0-2
    Torres 0-3

    Game over!

  20. Notice you changed your blog introduction…No thanks necessary. Eating your hat yet?

    • With a little curry it was not to hard to thew, danny 😆 Shared points for the season so I guess we have to be…well. Let’s say I’ll take it and Wolves will haunt you for the rest of your life. 😆

  21. O-k. I deserve all spit and I will take it, Pool-fans. You played well and you deserve the win and the laughter. But we will lick our wounds and be back.

    Congratulations to ‘King Kenny’. I didnt really believe that he could have the impact he had, but your players were really fighting and in our face. They were first on the bal – and ezpecially in the air -l and you do deserve the win.

    I bow my head – for now. But I’ll be seeing you next season and then I will be every bit as cheeky as ever. But don’t you forget. We shared the points this one, 3-3. Have a nice season!

  22. I thought Liverpool played well too Paddy, but you cannot deny how shit Zubar was, in fact the level of his performance easily overshadowed what was a woeful performance in general by Wolves “defence’ – and I use inverts intentionall.

    Im effing livid that we’re not addressing these 4 clowns at the back… and we will get nowhere until we do. Our defence was so bad that Ward looked good. I look forwrad to you attempting to explain it away – but it’s loud, it’s proud and i’ts there for everybody to see – we can defend for shit, not one (except perhaps for Craddock) is good enough for the premiership.

    • They did not get the help needed from a defensive midfielder, Ad Mant. But you are partly correct. Berra and Zubar was not up to scratch yesterday. As I wrote earlier I want a back four like this: Zubar-Stearman-Craddock-Foley. I think that is the best back line we can put on today and that they could do a good job. But everybody must chip in at defending. Especially our defensive midfielder.

  23. That prediction was just as stupid as Micky Quinn predicting 7-0 at Anfield.

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