Out of Cup In on O’Hara

Did not watch the match against Stoke in the FA-Cup today and as we lost it and missed a penalty to equalise in the dying minutes of it I’m glad I wasn’t there.

Stoke could go through and win on a goal by Huth. Worth to mention is that Hunty was injured and Edwards came on for him and that Ebanks.Blake got a quarter of an hour playing time coming back from injury. Doyle was out with illness and Ward played in his stead upfront. It was Milijas that couldn’t get that penalty past Sorensen in the Stoke goal. I will try to find some highlights to link to later as usual.

But the good news today is that Jamie O’Hara – a very good midfielder from Tottenham – has signed for Wolves on loan for the season.

O’Hara is somewhat of a favorite of mine as a midfielder. He lifted a poor Portsmouth team last year with excellent play and I’m sure he is the right medicine to cure our weak inner midfield play.

A fabulous signing that will help us to stay in the league. The cup?  Not important as always when we are out. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on January 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Out of Cup In on O’Hara”

  1. if his back holds out then a much better signing than that lanky leg breaking clumsy ginger tosser . stuff the cup anyway . we re concentrating on the league . why did nt he play hamill ?

  2. Hamill was cup-tied wasn’t he?

  3. hammill was cup tied.

    I should think Ohara must come straigh into the side, along with either of the two Stokies we’ve been looking at at the back… cos its been been nothing short of relegation form followed by relegation results for us.

    Thankfully Ward doesnt play in midfield or Ohara wouldnt get a look in.

    F*E*D U*P

  4. We score too few goals, no doubt about that. It’s a long time since we were in the final stages of the FA-Cup, and with us fielding such a strong side against a weak Stoke team, I must say I’m a bit disappointed. The arrival of O’Hara on the other hand is great news. And I really hope Griffiths gets his chance if our score rate doesn’t improve. Now I think our squad is more complete than ever. McCarthy got several types of players to chose from with O’Hara and Griffiths, and Hammill’s arrival. It would be optimal to sign one quality striker before the window closes, not counting Griffiths to make an impact this season, but O’Hara is probably our last signing in this transfer window. Too bad that Hunt limped of with injury, hopefully it isn’t anything serious.

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