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The Wolves reserves play Manchester United tonight and we are putting out a very interesting team.


Especially the midfield looks very competitive and Kevin Foley – one of our most consistent players this season and the last – is up and running again together with new signing Jamie O’Hara. Vokes, Rooney and Spray will be on the bench ready to come on.

The game will be played tonight 7pm at Telford. I will try to find a link to clips from the game later.

Edit: The game is called off due to a frozen pitch at Telford!!!

Wolves will not make any major signings today, according to official sources. But we have signed goalkeeper Basso on a free as a cover-up for Carl Ikeme. Plus development player David Davis will go out on-loan to Shrewsbury and Sam Winnall to Kilmarnock. Good luck to them!

Andy Keogh will also change loan sides – from Cardiff to Bristol City – because of a lack of playing time at the Welsh team. A sensible move in my opinion.

To those of you that believe everything would be better just because we sign a couple of players. It doesn’t work that way. Or at least it very seldom does. Team-building is a slow process and that’s what Wolves are engaged in.

Being a tight held together team with every player a trained cog in the machinery will be worth much more than some hasty made panic signings on the last day of the transfer window. UTW!


~ by paddytheflea on January 31, 2011.

9 Responses to “Transfers and news”

  1. I hear you about cohesion but I would be a lot happier if we could bring in a competent defender – Foley and Craddock have been the only regular performers at the back, and have been sorely missed.

    And what happenned to zubar – he went from promising to “even worse than ward” in 3 games.

    No, as good as Hammil looks, and OHara potentially is, what we really needed was a defender. Job Not Done.

  2. Foley played a huge part of our good run, and his play in the central midfield role was very convincing and brings in real competition for the spot. Henry had a good game in the FA-Cup (my impressions from the reports), but should be dropped immediately he doesn’t perform. The midfield tonight looks very strong, and with such a good distribution as especially Ismael, Spray, and O’Hara usually has to offer, it is interesting to see how Ebanks Blake will capitalize from that.

  3. On the question of Henry – why was he fast tracked back into the team in the first place – we did ok while he was out, our trouble is lack of goals, ok Fletch and Doyler are good players, but we need a striker who knows were the back of the goal is on a consistant basis.
    On Sunday I thought Elokobi did ok up until he gave the foul away that cost us the game, stoke were their usual bully boy way and if we had a good quality striker they were there for the taking, having said that I still feel that we will be the first team to beat utd? laugh if you like – but we will see.
    We are Wolves……….Onwards and upwards.

  4. Could not agree less, all of our fellow relegation rivals (with the exception of Wigan) have signed players that will make a difference to their hopes of survival and yet once again we have decided to just wing it and hope for the best. This will come back to bite us on the ass, I sadly fear that we will not escape the drop this time, there are no dead in the water teams this time round and I fear our penny pinching will come back to haunt us. Once again we have made a profit in the January transfer window and that hardly smacks of ambition to me. See you in the Championship.

    • Teams like West Ham – with debts piling up over their ears – are over-stretching their economy badly and will pay the price, if not this end of season the next. Wolves and Wigan are the smart ones that build their teams long term and will wven live through a drop being able to keep most of their players. The Hammers will fall and fall and we will not see their fans again for years and years when they go down.

      That said I do believe that the signing of O’Hara – if used wisely – will give us a better team both at defending and attacking. He is – potentially and at the top of his skills – a better box-to-box player than any we have at the moment. Must have been a first choice of McCarthy & Co and he could give us the speed and stability to our play and the right sort of connection between our defense and our attack.

  5. I can not believe it! We can not, I think, go on playing Stears and Berra. Craddock is injured. We should have signed a centraldefender. I hope O Hara will take Henry`s place. We play much “slower” with Henry than we did without. And please don`t play moore games with Ward up front.

    • Craddock will probably be back from start tomorrow, Dag. And hopefully O’Hara will come on and speed up the the tempo. And Ward was an emergency solution as Doyler was poor. So you see, everything is turning to the better now. Starting tomorrow at Bolton. 😆

  6. Paddy with all due respect I think the general sentiment is that Mick has taken us as far as he can… he does not know how to make the step up to Mid-table security – look at all his signings, young, ones for the future, bargains, granted all good qualities to get you to the premiership – but the revenue spend vs table finsh does not lie, and I dont think he has the same nous for world class players, as he does for rough diamonds.

    He has to be the best manager we have had since our halcyon days and as much stick as Ive given him, I applaud what he has done for this club.

    I dont think we will avoid the drop this time. And Mick is the perfect guy to win us promotion again – but then that has to be it.

    Thank you for everything, but now we need someone with more premiership nous – a Martin O Neill type person.


  7. Those injuries, those damn injuries, has slowed us down. I don’t know why we haven’t spent more money, it may have something to do with the stadium improvements. Carew went to Stoke, Sturridge to Bolton, why didn’t we sign any real additions up front in this january window, when it’s obvious that we don’t score enough goals? That’s my biggest disappointment, so far. If our goaldrought continue I expect this januray window to be one of the main reason to our downfall. Our current strikers might begin to score goals again, given they got better supply, but it’s a hell of a risk to take by a manager. As a manager he reflects the club’s moderate ambitions, which again is a result of yesterdays lessons (millions of millions squandered by our previous managers withouth results). He still has my support, even if we go down. Because I belive the chairman and McCarthy has a plan, and we’ll keep the majority of our players (except Jarvis).

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