Probable Team Lineups: Arsenal v Wolves

Well, well. Time for the giant killers to go into action once more. Beware of the Wolves, Gunners!

We’ve been close of collecting points from meeting Arsenal on the two latest occasions we met with them and I believe it’s party time in Wolverhampton tonite. Third time is a charm!

With players not only coming back from injury, but coming into form Mick The Magician have lots of options now. Michael Kightly, Mancienne and Guédioura are still far from back and Stephen Hunt and Dave Edwards are doubtful, but apart from that it’s all fresh legs and clear heads.

With O’Hara available in the number ten role Wolves will surely play a 4-5-1 away against the runners-up in the table as they also play a variant of that formation.

Stears and Berra have grown into a happy and strong couple now and though Craddock is a strong contender he will have to bide his time on the bench for a while longer.

Zubar and Big George are weak spots in defence against some of the best wingers in the world, but with a little help from their friends on the pitch I hope they will cut their mistakes to a minimum.

With Hunty doubtful I believe Hammill will start again. He has done surprisingly well at this level already and will only get stronger with more games. Jarvis can run any defence asunder and he will do it again today.

I really hope that Nenad ‘Ned’ Milijas will be fit after his international run for Serbia in the week. We need his creativity and sensitive left foot today to play those deep passes to O’Hara, Doyle and the wingers and to take the free kicks. If he’s not fit we have Dave Jones as a good alternative.

It’s Doyler time now. He is of course essential to keep the ball up in matches like this, but I want him to score at least one goal against an Arsenal defence that does not frighten me a bit. There are many teams in the Premier League with much better defending capacity than the Gunners. That was to be seen last weekend and it will be seen again today.

What about the red and white team, then? Diaby is of course suspended after his foolish attack against Newcastle. Our players have to be careful with the tricks from the Londoners. They are one of the dirtiest teams in the PL with more red cards than any other.

Djorou and Song are doubtful and subject to late tests. My guess – as good as anyones, really – is that Song will play, but not Djorou. Or is it a hope? With Squillaci playing they are a lot weaker in the middle which will give Wolves extra chances for sure.

But the power of Arsenal is of course their fantastic players when going forward. Walcott, Fabrégas and Arshavin are among the best players in the world and with van Persie upfront they have a lethal attack. They are bound to score at least once in the game, so the simple task for our warriors is to do it one more time then them. 😆

Here are the probable starting elevens for today’s game:


(Sorry, Arsenal-fans, Sagna and Clichy has fallen off from the full-back positions. Could you please do without them?) 😆


~ by paddytheflea on February 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Arsenal v Wolves”

  1. I would have Wolves favourite for this one. There are only 9 Arsenal players!!!!

  2. That’s not very fair. We’ve only got 9 players, at least let us start with 11 and let the ref send a few off for something stupid.

    Wed still beat your lot though.

    I joke. Should be a good game.

    • Sorry! Should be Sagna and Clichy on the full-back positions, but I wouldn’t mind if you give them a rest today. 😆

  3. Do you a deal, well keep sagna on but leave Clichy out, he’s more of a bloody hinderance these days anyway!!

  4. Wots that brown stain on your nose Rocastle you t0$$er

  5. It’s chocolate gooner.

    Your mum always gives me a chocolate hob non when I fuck her.

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