Loan Watch: Stefan Maierhofer scores against Düsseldorf (video)

My favorite Austrian Wolves-player – Stefan ‘The Hoff’ Maierhofer – continues to score goals in the German 2nd tier for MSV Duisburg.

He scored the only goal when they met and defeated their neighbours Düsseldorf Friday, with a long shot. Maybe you could blame the Düsseldorf keeper for letting it in, though. MSV haven´t played well lately and are now on 7th place in the league, but with a cup final waiting in May against Schalke.

Here is a video with the goal by The Hoff:

The Hoff to the press after the game (my translation. (Just a tad better than Google. :lol:):

“Now and then you have to find the goal and that was what happened tonight. It was nice to score such an unusual goal and how doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that the ball ends up in the net. We will win the next game aswell. But we have a small squad and lately injuries have set us back. The victory tonight was for our fans”

Keep on getting them in the net, Stefan, so we will get back the money spent when  selling you in summer



~ by paddytheflea on March 23, 2011.

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