Doyle injured in Republic Of Ireland game

The Republic Of Ireland managed to grab a win against Macedonia tonight in Dublin. Kevin Doyle played with Robbie Keane upfront and Kevin Foley also played from start at right back.

Already after just one minute and twenty-three seconds Ireland took the lead after an assist from Doyle to McGeady, whose shot went into the net from just outside the penalty box to the bottom left corner of the goal.

But after fifteen minutes of the game Kevin Doyle had to go off with an injury to his knee. He didn’t need a stretcher, so it’s probably not a fracture, but it is of course a major loss to Wolves as he probably wont be available to play for a couple of games.

Shane Long came on for Doyler and after 21 minutes Robbie Keane scored a goal from close range. Macedonia managed to get one in later on aswell, but Ireland managed to hold their lead to the end and Kevin Foley did well playing the whole game, his first competitive game for Ireland, from start.

Now I’m just waiting for positive reports about the injury on Kevin Doyle. But him coming off from a competitive game for Ireland is not a good sign.



~ by paddytheflea on March 26, 2011.

8 Responses to “Doyle injured in Republic Of Ireland game”

  1. Trappatoni has just said it’s a 1 to 2-month lay off for Doyler on SSN. Not good. Maybe Fletcher will get the opportunity he needs to shine now??

    • Ouch! 1 to 2 months almost equals what is left of the season. That’s a huge misfortune. Shit! Fletcher or Ebanks-Blake. Or maybe 4-4-2 and both. Just let’s hope that they will rise to the opportunity otherwise…I just don’t want to go in that direction with my thoughts. Just when everything looked so good with everybody coming back after injury.

  2. Kevin Doyle’s injury may be a god send for Wolves in their fight to stay in the Premiership. Kevin Doyle is a lightweight as a striker and have never rated him as high as many. At last fletcher will be given the chance to shine and score goals with Jarvis $ Hunt in support. I am happy for Kevin to watch from the stands.

    • I don’t agree with you at all, Angry wolf, but under the circumstances I hope you’re right. And I put Ebanks-Blake before Fletcher, but he may need someone beside him.

    • Your talking rubbish re Doyle , If he is out for a month or two then that is bad news for Wolves.

  3. Very unfortunate for the Wolves. Doyle is a key figure in our play when he plays at his best, and his form has pointed upwards.

    Maierhofer should be recalled from Germany to fight for a place in the first team.

    • I don’t believe we have that option, Karlir, and I don’t really believe McCarthy would have used it if he had. Maierhofer doesn’t ant to play for Wolves and even if he does well in the second tier in Germany it doesn’t mean that he would do it in Premier League. He is not PL quality in my opinion.

  4. Doyle has done his medial ligament?
    Shit it!
    Stand up Fletcher your time has come. No, not you Ward, u can sit back down….

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