Probable Team Lineups: Newcastle v Wolves

Wolves are flying right now – and I mean that in two ways – the team are flying up north to meet with Newcastle United and we haven’t lost a game since Arsenal away on 12th of February.

Situated in 5th spot in the Barclay’s official formtable signals an impressive row of games lately for a team that is though still engaged in the struggle for survival in the league.

But hopefully not for long. I used the BBC prediction facility for this round of the Premier League and came to the result that Wolves will be on 13th spot in the league come Sunday.

By that you can guess that I predict that we will win away to the Toon. Everything points at that. Everything but the loss to injury of our best player upfront. That is of course a big blow to the team, but I’ve got a firm belief that his replacement will do an excellent job as the strikers waiting at the sidelines are very eager to show what they can do playing from start in a game.

I made a statistical comparison between Doyle, Ebanks-Blake and Fletcher a couple of days ago and that shows that Sylvan and Steven are at least Doylers equals in the striking department, but maybe not at defending from upfront and to keep the ball up. With a stronger midfield than earlier on in the season I’m however convinced that the team will be well balanced to take care of the defensive shores, despite the absence of Kevin Doyle.

I’ve read some articles about the upcoming game in some obscure Newcastle blogs recently and they are (still!) very concerned with the supposedly rough game of Wolves. Rubbish! When looking at the Barclay’s official disciplinary table you will find that Newcastle is the third dirtiest team in the league while Wolves occupy the 13th spot.

Tiote is serving a ban for his ten yellow cards and Nolan isn’t much better with nine. They talk about Henry as a thug, but he’s only got five and the one with the most at Wolves, Christophe Berra, only have collected six yellow so far. We are not a dirty team at all, but maybe we’ll get an advantage if they think so?! 😆

Like our last weekend opponents Aston Villa, Newcastle has some serious injury problems in their squad. Leon Best is out with an ankle injury and Ireland is still not ready to play – at least not from start. Jose Enrique has a hamstring injury and together with earlier injuries on Ben Arfa, Smith and Gosling it makes up a long list. Add to that the Tiote ban and the three match ban on Taylor and we get a picture of a team in trouble.

Wolves – on the other hand – are welcoming players back. Hunty will probably be on the bench and earlier reports say that Mancienne should be in contention again. Guédioura did 90 minutes for the Reserves in the week and Kightly is rearing to go and will probably be on the bench.

But we have our fair part of injuries aswell. Zubar will not play anymore this season and Mouyokolo and Edwards are out of play again, not mentioning Doyle again.

Wolves can still put out a very competitive team, I’m sure. It will be the same starting eleven as against Villa a fortnite ago, except for Doyle who I believe will be replaced with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake.

It’s high time for SEB to show that he can do the same thing he did in the Championship in the Premiership now. I believe he can and that he has the potential to be as prolific a player as for instance Bent – or even better. Step up!

A BBC employee called Lawro tips Wolves to lose this game and also says that Newcastle would have had to look over their shoulders if they hadn’t collected so many points early on in the season.

My answer to him is that the Magpies wouldn’t have had to look over their shoulders at all if not striker Carroll would have played 19 games for them scoring 11 goals in the first half of the season. If not they would have been dead last in this league with miles. By that I mean that Wolverhampton Wanderers of today are a much better team than Newcastle United and because of that should win this game. 😆

The probable starting elevens at St James’ Park (below).




~ by paddytheflea on April 1, 2011.

22 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Newcastle v Wolves”

  1. Your an idiot, Well see after the match shall we you jumped up sad midlands cunt

  2. What a pile of total shite!!! You don’t know fuck all about football ya goon! Haven’t even got the formation of newcastle right!! Barton doesn’t play in holding role or a sweeper! Guthrie will play tiotes role!! Fuck off you wife beating bunch of horriblw inbred midland cunts!!!

    • Hmm. You can use the language of your choice in your comments, but the last sentence is abusive to groups of people and rasist remarks and I will remove it. And for your knowledge I’ve got pink skin, but that’s got nothing to do with how I write or my intelligence levels. You are btw living proof of that yourself. 😆

      We will see where Barton will play. I’ve read on a Geordie blog that he might play as a cover for the back four, btw. 😆

      • Here here paddy. Well said. We don’t need foul mouthed northerners on here!

      • SOmething I do want to express is that the Newcastle supporters that have read this article are twice as many as the Wolves supporters. Is the interest of football that much higher in the north or are they just more on the net? I know that Newcastle is regarded as somewhat of a ‘big club’, but come-on. Let’s show them what pedigree is all about tomorrow, eh! UTW!

  3. Wow, off all the different fans we have had on here these 2 are the most moronic I have come accross. When other fans disagree at least they did it without sounding like complete half-wits!

    • Agree, sevlow. Maybe something in the water up there. Better be careful if you’re going.

  4. Racist retard. You’re goin down with the albion

  5. Ha, give the daft cunt more shite!! Ebanks spends more time lickin windows than he does scoring goals.

    You’ll be watching championship again next season anyway!!


  6. Hey geordie mother fucking/sisters watch your mouth, you call us inbred-he who shags is own daughter and when you run out of family – watch out the “dogs”, just because you have no jobs and it’s up to us midland cunts to keep you while you take the P on your benefits.
    Back to football – who is bottom of the fair play league? just because we were bigger and braver than you little geordie cowards and wouldn’t let you kick us off the park you start bleating, it was us midland cunts that had to save you and britain in two world wars, go away you excuse for human beings.
    I hope we beat you so that you are back were you belong-IN THE RELEGATION SPOT.
    To all the Wolves fans going – watch out for the geordie scum, they attack coaches and kick shit out of woman and kids.
    Sorry paddytheflea and any other wolves fans, but these bastards need it back.

    • No problems johnwolf. I agree. At least about the two bastards that wrote here. But that doesn’t mean that they all are the same way.

  7. Embarrassing that they bother to read these sites and then comment. Geordies can’t understand why people were happy when they got relegated. No team has a god given right to be in any position and them along with west ham are small fish in a big stadium. They forget last year they were in the championship and we were in the prem. And their strikers are crap

    • I fully agree, Kinnock. They believe to be big fish but without Carroll they are nothng at all. That dane and Ameobi – who has not scored in 6 months – are crap. Both SEB and Fletcher are better than those Championship strikers. If someones going to score tomorrow it’s Wolves. Believe me!

  8. Not a good day ! 😦
    No doubt those loudmouth Newcastle ‘fans’ will be back to give us some more of their colourful comments !

  9. Diff in managers, baggies get hodgson, we get stuck with mick.

    the writing is on the wall, Baggies send us down at the Mol.

    I fucking hate the 1 horse team we have become.

  10. I’m a Newcastle fan but not like the other fuckwits that have already posted and I’m not on here to gloat either. All I want to say is that there’s a huge misconception about Newcastle fans mainly due to the press and the minority of halfwit fans that post stupid shit. Most of us appreciate that we are a big club in fanbase only. We’re fully aware of the fact we haven’t won anything since 1969 and that at the minute we will do well to stay in the league this season. All we want is to watch a good standard of football and be in with a chance of competing for trophies like most fans of other teams. Although saying this after the slagging we’ve taken from you in the build up to today’s game I was pleased shola and lovendkrands rammed your words back down your throats.

  11. “They forget last year they were in the championship and we were in the prem. And their strikers are crap”

    Oops, Our crap strikers did for you lot, Enjoy the championship…

  12. “I fully agree, Kinnock. They believe to be big fish but without Carroll they are nothng at all. That dane and Ameobi – who has not scored in 6 months – are crap. Both SEB and Fletcher are better than those Championship strikers. If someones going to score tomorrow it’s Wolves. Believe me!”

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    The dane and Ameobi are crap what are your lot…

  13. “I fucking hate the 1 horse team we have become.”

    I think thats harsh, I counted 14 carthorses in gold…

  14. Johnwolf never have I seen any Newcastle fans attack women and kids. Maybe you haven’t been to a game since the 80’s but there’s never any trouble at games up here. You obviously think we all still wear flat claps and walk greyhounds you small minded prick.

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