Heaven or Hell? Analysis & Lineups: Wolves v Everton

In the middle of November I contemplated over the upcoming seven games, as the start of the season had not been too good (understatement) but that we could look forward to seven games against teams on the lower half.

In a positive mood i hoped for twelve points in the seven games following. It looked realistic at the time and Wolves had played well against some upper half teams.

But the result in points became a disaster in the following games. In fact we managed to take no more than three points – against Birmingham – so already after the first of the seven – the Bolton game – I raised my fears by publishing this image.

And that’s really what happened. And now we have only seven games left of the season. Come heaven or hell? And I don’t believe it has anything to do with good deeds or bad ones or that some celestial higher being already has sorted it all out.

The only way Wolves can secure a place in heaven and avoid the hell of a drop is by playing well – by playing better than the other teams in these seven games and gather the points necessary. We need at least nine points to feel secure and please start taking them NOW! But let’s cut the philosophical crap and look at the teams for Saturday.

I had hoped that – apart from Doyle and Zubar – Wolves would be injury-free by now, but Hunt suffered a set-back after his Reserves game with a hernia problem and will go under the knife and he will be out for another couple of weeks – if not for the season. That’s a blow, because he has the spirits to push a team forward when needed.

Then there’s Steven Fletcher – who looked good against Newcastle – that didn’t train yesterday, but hopefully it’s just a minor knock and he will be alright when Saturday comes.

We should probably not moan too much about injuries though, cause when looking at our guests for the day they have them in abundance and to a couple of key players aswell. They have injuries to Saha, Baxter and Fellaini and Rodwell, Coleman and Cahill are all doubtful and they are probably not starting anyway.

But Everton has a strong team even without these players and they have shown that recently with good form and many points taken. It’s not just McCarthy trying to be polite when he hails Moyes as a very good manager for a very good team. An ugly face, sure, but that’s something both managers have in common. 😆

Lately, and partly because of unavailability of good enough strikers, Everton have played with a 4-4-1-1-formation. They will probably hold on to that in this game aswell and Osman – a very dangerous man – will play just behind their rookie striker Beckford. I would say that Osman play more like a second striker than as a forward placed midfielder – more like Fletcher than O’Hara for us.

The back four looks rock solid and the inner midfielders are very experienced, but not life threatening. I don’t want to scare you, but this is a pretty good team.

But back to Wolves and the heaven and hell theme. 😆 Last weekend was hell, without a doubt, but we have not played well away this season. We are much better at home and with a crowded Molineux I believe we stand a good chance to take all three points.

I think McCarthy will take a chance on the 4-4-2-formation he used for most of the game at St James’. As I said above, Everton practically play that aswell and at home we will act stronger. My only regret is that there will be no room for Milijas – at least not from start.

I don’t believe that Kightly is ready to play from start either – he is not a better choice than Hammill at the moment – but he will very probably be one of the subs coming in from the bench. The back four will be the same aswell. One flat game is no reason to make any changes – not in the mind of  McCarthy, anyway.

So these are the probable starting elevens for the Saturday noon game at Molineux (I had the right 22 at St James’s so you better look close at this) 😆




~ by paddytheflea on April 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Heaven or Hell? Analysis & Lineups: Wolves v Everton”

  1. It’s now a few hours before the game, and all I can think of is… Please win this for the fans!

  2. Must be a world record, eleven abortions in 90 minutes.

    Yeah, whatevere, keep the faith in mick, he’ll get us fucking nowhere.

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