Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Blackburn Rovers

The papers have been full of speculations about the outcome of the relegation fight in Premier League the last days. No wonder, this is without a doubt the most exiting fight for existence ever in this league.

Five clubs are involved – Blackburn (40), Wolves (40), Birmingham (39), Blackpool (39) and Wigan (39) and two are going down. If you look at the stats there are 81 different permutations for the outcome (3x3x3x3) and in 13 of these Wolves are going down.

All of these outcomes are not  probable, though, and my estimation is that Wolves have over 90% chance of survival. Not least because we play at home and all the other relegation candidates are playing away. 

But let’s look at the teams instead of speculating about outcomes. Blackburn have struggled lately, in my opinion because the new owners of the club got rid of Big Sam, probably because he had a more realistic notion of the capacity of the team than they wanted to hear.

So the second in command became their new manager and they have struggled ever since. They usually lose away and only get draws at home. Not a recipe for success, but that will suite us just well on Sunday.

One other reason for them falling down in the tables are that their skilled defender and captain – and scorer against Wolves latest – Nelsen is long-term injured. Otherwise they had some players in doubt after their last game, but Samba, Hoilett and Jones have all shaken off their slight injuries and Diouf is back in the squad but hardly a starter as Emerton scored against United.

Earlier in the week I reported about a setback for Kevin Doyle that an Irish paper wrote about, and it seems that it was true as he haven’t trained all week, but jogged on Friday. McCarthy reports today that he is indeed doubtful for Sunday. Add to that the long term injured Edwards and Zubar.

Unfortunately Wolves seem to have an epidemic of sniffles aswell. Probably nothing serious, but Wardy and Hunt didn’t train on Wednesday, but are now back, and Jarvis was sent home on Friday to recover.

Our guests sometimes play a 4-4-2-formation at home against teams in the lower half, but away they only play with one man upfront. I guess they will do that on Sunday aswell.

Wolves have successfully used a 4-4-2-formation (7 of 9 points in the latest three games) and it would be foolish to change that now and with Doyle not fully fit we don’t have the skills we need for a lone striker.

Finally. What will the outcome be of this game and the relegation fight. I believe that Wolves will – with a fantastic support of the home fans – win with 3-1 for the third game in a row. Birmingham and Blackpool will go down.

Below are the probable starting elevens for the Molineux game on Sunday.




~ by paddytheflea on May 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Blackburn Rovers”

  1. Paddy,
    As ever, a fine exposition of a nerve-shattering 3-4 hours ahead tomorrow.
    My only change to the team printed would be to start Jarvis in there ahead of Guedioura. We need a good up-tempo beginning to the game – something often missing – and having O’Hara and Henry running their bollocks off and twin wing threats from Hunt and Jarvis, hopefully would have Blackburn on their heels.
    Fletcher has had a wonderful series of recent games and I did feel for him trying to get an edge on Doyle’s lone position.
    For me, what has been a revelation has been Ward’s play up-front: not just full of positive running but fine in the air and possessing some real skill.
    I’ll be a jibbering wreck this time tomorrow but IF WE PLAY TO OUR ABILITY….we’ll be in a good position to improve next season in the Premiership.
    C’mon you Wolves!

    • Thank you, londondrefugee. I’m very nervous aswell and tend to agree with you. The frst goal is very important as always and more than ever tomorrow and maybe Jarvis could bring us the final pass to that. I hope that the lads can shake off all expectations from all around and play to their own abilities and skills. Then we should be alright.

  2. Go for the throat!
    Kill kill kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nothing intelligent to add, but a great opportunity to thank you Paddy, fantastic commentary throughout the season and next season will be so much better for it too.

    I particularly look forward to seeing who gets the stars tonight!


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