Big Things Are Happening In Wolverhampton!

Yes. Big things are finally happening in Wolverhampton and it’s all about football.

First of all. Paddytheflea signs on for a third season covering Wolverhampton Wanderers! After one month of silence and vacation the annoying little bug has decided to write about his favorite team one more year. And he believes this will be the season when Wolves will establish themselves as a mid-table team in the Premier League – the best show on earth.

The second big news about Wolves is that Steve Morgan has announced a deal with several parties involved about rebuilding Compton Park for a total sum of about £50 million. The rebuild includes an indoor football arena and a totally new Academy facility that will become one of the very best in the country, allowing Wolves to be one of a very few clubs to open up a first class national academy according to the new rules concerning this, established by the FL and the Premier League.

That means that Wolverhampton Wanderers can attract the very best young footballers in England and the world to be properly educated from an early age and, hopefully, the club will be able to benefit from that with players moving from the Academy and the Development Team to go on to play directly for Wolves in the Premier League.

The third big news is that Wolves and our skilful negotiator Jez Moxey – who looks more and more like a wolf for every year – has succeeded in luring one of the best central defenders in the country to play for us.

His name is Roger Johnson and he has previously represented Cardiff and Birmingham. He was – in my opinion – the main reason for the successes of the defence in these clubs when Cardiff reached the finals of the League Cup two seasons ago and when Birmingham snatched the cup last season. As a natural leader of the back line he will be of immense value to stabilise this important part of the team the upcoming season. Welcome to Wolves Mr Johnson!

A couple of other things has also happened during my absence from reporting to you;

  • Jamie O’Hara is now ours for a reported £5 million from Tottenham
  • We have also signed a new keeper in Dorus De Vries from Swansea for free
  • Halford has gone to Pompey for a reported fee of £1 million
  • Wolves have been in Ireland for a one week training camp
  • The Development Team are in Northern Ireland at the moment and did win there first match yesterday
  • Rumours are that Villareal’s interested in Matt Jarvis and wants to sign him for £6M. Don’t listen to that rubbish!
  • Wolves are favorites by the betting companies to sign former West Ham defender Upson. I’m not so sure we will.


– proud supporter and reporter of Wolves


~ by paddytheflea on July 13, 2011.

20 Responses to “Big Things Are Happening In Wolverhampton!”

  1. It’s such a relief to know that nothing in Wolverhampton Wandererers FC is left out to chance. The club is well driven economically both in short and long term. And investing 50 mill in indoor football arena and other stuff is the way to go. We’ve already got talents, and with time, with the new facilities, we’ll have the means to develop even better generations.

    Morgan is such a great chairman. In one area he invest heavily in facilities, in an other area, money set aside to transfers, and he spends enough money to ensure everybody that the club is moving forward also in the game.

    The strategy in buying english players I’m very satisfied with. Just look at the players we signed – we know they’ll deliver. When the chairman has decided to invest in several areas, it’s very wise. We don’t have to deal with players longing to go home or with Camara(ts), or with players that can’t adapt. With limited tranfer funds this strategy ensure us strengthening.

    • Totally agree there, Karlir. Everything looks almost to good to be true at the moment. Looking forward to a great season, hopefully at the upper half.

  2. Firstly – welcome back Paddy! Good to see someone with some common sense blogging on the Wolves. I for one am sick of so-called ‘supporters’ moaning and slagging-off the club heirarchy because we haven’t signed 17 new defenders within 2 weeks of last season ending.

    Which leads nicely to the Roger Johnson deal. A great signing. Let’s face it their defence was the reason Birmingham survived a season th the Premier League, and their lack of goals scored was why the went down – little blame could be levelled at the defence. Wonderful; piece of business by the 3 M’s .- patience eventually paid off. Johnson was always the top target and refusing to match stupid demands from Reading and Matt Mills now looks a stroke of genius.

    Bring on the new season!

    • Thanx, Steve.
      To manage twelwe matches in a row without a defeat was amazing by Birmingham the season before last, Steve, and I believe that it had much to do with Mr Magic Johnson leading the defence. Hopefully MM can find the right partner for him among our lads. Will it be Berra or perhaps Craddock?

      I heard that a Times expert thought Craddock to be the best man partnering him, but I’m not sure about that. It means that one of them will have to change from right to left. He also thought that Berra and Johnson play too much alike, but I’m not so sure about that either. Hopefully MM will have sorted it out before the league begins, though.

  3. Welcome back Paddy we love ya!!!!!!

  4. This signing of Johnson speaks volumes about Moxey’s ability as a CEO – excellent work. Jez is much-maligned by less-than intelligent posters on some other websites, but for me he is a shrewd operator and long may he stay in the hot-seat. MM says he is not looking for another centre-back now – good I say – why waste good wages on Upson who will be on the treatment bench more than the pitch – we need to leave room for the development of Danny Batth & Stearman (who is still young enough to learn & get better). Playing alongside Johnson, Christophe Berra will get berra next season. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself). Onwards & upwards !!

    • Upson is over-rated IMO, Razor. He would probably not have made it into the team past our central defenders and we have better things to spend dole on then paying his probably very high demands for wages. And, yes, Jez has become somewhat of a hero to me aswell.
      Onwards & Upwards!

  5. Finally we have signed a defender!
    All Wolves fans have been waiting for news of a defender signing and in Johnson hopefully we have got ourselves a defender who will galvanize the defence into a proverbial ‘brick wall’.
    Now we need we find ourselves a left back with the same PL pedigree and probably another classy midfielder. Don’t know what Mick McCarthy has up his sleeve but hopefully we have not finishing spending yet?
    There would be much less nailbiting if we can allay any relegation fears by moving up the table and out of any trouble. The past 2 years have been hard but by hook and by crook we have managed to remain a PL club and hopefully next time we can do it in style!

  6. “Big things are happening in Wolverhampton”-so you finishing 16th this coming season then?

    • I’ll bet we’ll finish better than u lot in the little shitty club down the road anyway, Roy. 😆

  7. Nice to have you back Paddy. Johnson is a great signing and what I really want to know now is whether McCarthy wants to pair him up with somebody like Stears and help take him to the next level, or whether he has another central defender in mind.

    • My hope is that McCarthy knows which one of our central defenders will suit best to team up with Johnson, Oldkentbloke, and it’s of course also something that Roger Johnson has to have a say on. He will probably have the experience to point out to MM who he thinks will work best beside him after a couple of training sessions and matches.

      I believe that Stearman – and Batth coming from behind – are the most talented of our central defenders. But they may not have picked up the experience needed yet to figure as first choice. Berra or old reliable Craddock would be my guess to partner Johnson from start of season, but it’s hard to tell.

  8. Craddock benefits – holds together inexperienced partner but not a problem with Johnson,

    Berra benefits – strong man against big number 9s but to me that’s Johnsons role

    Stearman is rash but the quickest of our defenders and can pass better than Johnson

    Batth likely to be similar to Berra and needs one more season on loan but not with Sheff W in league 1 (they were relegated).

    For me it’s Johnson and Stearman. Stearman has undoubted potential if he can manage the rush of blood to his head. He’s a similar player to Scott Dann who Johnson did wonders for down the road.

    I’d like Ridgewell at LB as well whilst blues desperately need the money.

    As for Jez, what a genius! I’m not surprised he’s one of ‘the highest paid chief executives. Well deserved

    • With Ridgewell at left back we could maybe play Elokobi with Johnson and develop him to our own Samba. 😆
      Anyway. Interesting analysis, Dan. It would be interesting to know how MM reasons in the matter. I totally agree that Stearmans biggest problem is that rush of blood to his head. Hopefully it’s something he will grow out of. Then he will be our best choice, I agree. But will he be ready this season or the next? Maybe Johnson can have a somewhat cooling effect on him. Let’s hope so.

  9. Good to see you back Paddy!
    And good to be a Wolf 😀

  10. Elokobi would be cover in my opinion for centre back or left back. I’d worry about his stray passing at centre back though

    Samba was a waste of space when he joined Blackburn so you never know what could happen with a good positional coach and some improvement in his distribution. I wouldn’t want to try out muscle him. I’d be bounced into Sunday

  11. Terrific signing for the Wolves. I think Mick will partner him with Berra simply for the fact Berra is our only recognised left footed centre half. I think Berra will benefit from having Johnson playing next to him as well. Cant wait for the start of the season ! North Bank is going to be awesome as well. Its absolutely flying up. Then there is the news on the Training Ground ! All great stories to show Wolves are on the up !
    What a great time to be a Wolves Fan.

    • Yes, I believe that Berra would be the obvious choice and hopefully they fit together and can bond, Adrian.
      Maybe North Bank will outsing South Bank this season when all seats are in place and occupied. 😆

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