The Big Q: Who is the best choice to team up with Roger Johnson?

There’s a big discussion going on at this blog (HERE) and other Wolves sites on the net about which of our central defenders that’s best suited to team up with newly signed ace defender Roger Johnson for the season.

So which one of our now available players do you think will do the best job together with him (or should we sign one more)?


~ by paddytheflea on July 13, 2011.

7 Responses to “The Big Q: Who is the best choice to team up with Roger Johnson?”

  1. Delighted with the signing of Roger Johnson, never thought we would get him and so I could not be more pleased. He is a class act at a decent price and now we need some one to play alongside him. I know football fans normally have a kiddie in a sweet shop mentality to signings (can’t be enough of them if they are of Johnson’s quality), but all the same I think there is a real case to be made for that extra mile and another centre half. The Premier League is a demanding place and the more quality options we have the better. It does worry me that we all know that our next best option is a 36 year old and having seen last season that Craddock was the only centre half not prone to mistakes it worries me a little. Christophe Berra had a half decent season but I believe we can still do better. My solution would be to look at a loan option to operate alongside Johnson and now we have Roger experience is not as important as ability.

    • My hope is that Johnson is that leader type that will guide our youngsters to do a better, less mistake prown job at the back. Experience and ability are closely knit together, especially when it comes to central defenders, Waggies Left Peg.

      Hopefully Johnson can speed up the development of our young defenders and guide them to the best decision and show them their right position at every moment. But it is very probable that Craddock and Johnson will be our best pairing this season and Stearman and Berra will sit on the bench and watch and learn. And we have no guarantee that an eventual new signing will not do the same. So I’m against a new signing. We already have enough of both experience and ability in the team. It only need some fine tuning.

  2. I love Stearman for his attitude and his pace, but he is prone to having a rush of blood and doing something outrageous. Berra’s the man for me – don’t under-estimate the importance of him being left-footed – it makes a huge difference to the balance of the back four. Get in a decent left back as well and we’ll have enough defenders to see us safe & sound.

  3. Has everyone gone stupid zubar is a beast. And when you think about it the man has been injured and has lost his best mate within the space of like 18 months. current back four should be (R-L) zubar johnson stears elokobi.
    but if i had it my way it would look like this
    zubar johnson evans(or lescot) bridge. and i also think that elokobi would play mutch better as a CB

  4. i think we need to buy another top quality centre half. not 1 of the current ones apart from Johnson are good enough for BPL . SCOTT DANN anybody

  5. i agree mick. dann would be great but to be honest we need a left back more elokobi is good but he not quite there yet. If we were to bring in bridge for LB and either evans, dann or lescot for CB we would be sorted. appart from that dirty crab in midfield(carl henry). just wondering what would you guys starting 11 be? mine is hennessy, zubar, johnson, stears,elokobi, hunt, guedioura, o’hara, jarvis, doyle and fletcher.
    and my new captain would be hunt as he pushes us fwd and has a better comand than henry he also never stops running great player!!!

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