Moxey says yes to change of rule about playing weakened team

The 20 clubs in the Premier League had a meeting yesterday and ruled that it should be allowed for the managers to pick whatever players they want from their 25 man squad to play in a game.

The club secretary in Blackpool was positive about the change, but said: “I don’t expect we will get our £25,000 back or any form of apology but I am glad to see common sense has prevailed.”

Wolves economy guru Jez Moxey was also positive and uttered:

We are very comfortable with it. It seems a long time ago now, to be honest. We fully support the Premier League. We must protect the integrity of the League but at the same time we must allow our managers to make selection decisions as  they see fit. We need to get the  balance right and this solution makes sense.

With the change to the 25 man squad it is of course natural that the rules change so that the manager can feel free to pick any team he likes. I feel a little sorry for Blackpool who were fined for breaking the then obsolete rule last season. Wolves got only a suspended fine so it didn’t damage the club economically when we were sentenced after the Manchester United game the season before last.

It is still not ok, however, to play with a bunch of kids under 21 and let the 25 in the squad rest.


~ by paddytheflea on July 15, 2011.

One Response to “Moxey says yes to change of rule about playing weakened team”

  1. About time this stupid rule was abolished.
    When a club can only nominate 25 players able to play in the PL and for the League to then say ‘you must play your strongest team at all times’ was never going to work.
    Who is say which is the strongest 11?
    McCarthy may have been morally wrong in choosing the 11 who played against United BUT he is the manager and he chooses which 11 he wants to play, NOT some desk clerk who does not have to stand the responsibilty of results etc.
    Perhaps now teams can be selected on their merits without any interference from outside sources providing that managers don’t go crazy and replace a previous match 11 with a totally new 11 for the next game – well it could happen!

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