Doyle scored when Wolves lost in first friendly (video)

Yesterday Wolves were engaged in the first friendly game of the season against Crewe Alexandra and the match ended with a 2-1 loss.

The outcome is of course not important, but that the players gets into it again and gradually gets more and more match fitness. Wolves changed all eleven at tea time, so that as many as possible would get the chance to gain just that.

Crewe took the lead late into the first half after new signing Roger Johnson slipped whilst defending. Johnson was, however, one of the more energetic players in the team in the first half.

Late in the second half Doyle managed to get an equaliser in after a pass from Matt Jarvis. Very good that one of our most important strikers gets a goal and perhaps a little boost to self confidence. As you can see on the clip below it was a pretty nice shot.

Unfortunately a nineteen-year-old Serbian player from Crew found the net some minutes later and Crew could take a big scalp at home.

But don’t despair this early in pre-season. This was only the first friendly of many and Wolves will gain power the coming days. Johnson looked very good and Doyler scored and nobody got injured, that’s what’s positive to take from this game and to remember for the future.


First half team: Hennessey; Stearman, Johnson, Berra, Reckord; Mendez-Laing, Davis, Milijas, Hammill; Vokes, Ebanks-Blake.

Second half team: Ikeme, Elokobi, Batth, Craddock. Kostrna, Jarvis, Kightly, Henry, Keogh, Doyle, Griffiths.


~ by paddytheflea on July 17, 2011.

5 Responses to “Doyle scored when Wolves lost in first friendly (video)”

  1. Any idea what’s happened to Zele Ismail please Paddy? He wasn’t in the 25 for this game or for the first team or development squads both taken to Ireland recently. I’d like to see him get more of a chance this season or maybe go on loan somewhere local like Walsall

    • Like the season before last he was injured in the second half of last season. I’ve heard rumours that he is well on his way back now and hopefully he can catch up. But long term injuries – allthough hopefully not the kind that leave their marks – for two consecutive seasons does nothing good to his future development, Dan.

  2. I can’t help but notice the difference in Liverpools pre-season and Wolves matches. The arena against Malaysa was filled to the brink. And the match was broadcasted. Liverpool scored six goals. A match like that must motivate players in a different way than a match against little Crewe alexandra. All the matches in Liverpools friendlies are played in places in front of hordes of reds fans (comercial games) or against big european teams. In their two first matches they’ve scored ten goals.

    • I’m not sure that it is entirely positive for the players in Liverpool, Karlir. They are heavily pressured to perform even in pre-season friendlies when they just should concentrate on getting fit without that pressure. Their season will be long and the stress will take it’s toll, believe me. And we will of course win against them on Old Trafford the upcoming season as we did last. 😆

      • … maybe you’re right. Wolves players don’t have to travel long distances neither, so maybe you’re right, and there’s the time difference between europe and asia. The Liverpools might end up in tip top physical form and tired psychologically.

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