Wolves draw after late County goal (video)

Manager Mick McCarthy was sad that Wolves haven’t  shaken off the habit to concede late goals as Notts County managed to get an equaliser with two minutes to go at Meadow Lane yesterday.

I agree, Wolves has to keep the ball in the team and not try to score a second with five minutes left to play. Otherwise Wolves played very well the first 45 with a team that probably will resemble our starting eleven against Blackburn in August in most positions.

Our England international Matt Jarvis scored the goal after about half an hour (see below) and both Hammill and Doyle were on fire and had chances on goal aswell.

Only Guédioura and Edwards still slightly injured and everything else looks hunky dory. Maybe one or two signings will enter and a couple will go, but we have nothing of the kind of panic that many other teams faces when the window is about to close.

Our beloved team of young and hungry are one year older and more experienced and if you look at the results for the second half of last season, Wolves were a team for the middle of the league. Three weeks to go now and I can’t wait. Bring on Celtic and then the Premier League!

Wolves:Ikeme (Hennessey 65), Zubar (Foley 45), Ward (Elokobi 65), O’Hara (Milijaś 45), Johnson (Craddock 65), Berra (Stearman 65), Hammill (Kightly 45), Henry (capt) (Davis 65), Doyle (Keogh 65), Fletcher (Ebanks-Blake 45), Jarvis (Hunt 65).


P.S. Also yesterday. Wolves Academy Under 18’s got a draw against home team Southend at full time in a tournament but lost out with 4-2 on penalties. Zele Ismail was the goalscorer and I wish Wolves U18’s good luck against Leicester today. D.S.


~ by paddytheflea on July 24, 2011.

8 Responses to “Wolves draw after late County goal (video)”

  1. And we see the difference between playing an altogether mixed team vs a team that resembles our first team. A clear progress of play. Of course it’s difficult to compare, and trace a progress from match to match when the lineups are totally different, but I feel that this match is the most positive one, judged by the higlights.

  2. How about lobbying for 85 minute matches? Seems old habits never die !

    • Notts County created chances in the second half, yes. Would they’ve done so if Wolves played the same defence as in the first half? no, I don’t think so. Remember, Notts county didn’t create any chances in the first chance (if they did the chances were left out of the video). Why? Did we field a stronger back four in the first half, or is it possible that Notts C played their strongest side in the second half. I would set my money on the first alternative.

  3. Correction: Notts county didn’t create any chances in the first half

    • Well, they did create a couple of half chances, but many more in the second.

      By the way. If you look on their last minute goal I’m sure that many draws the totally wrong conclusion that Big George is to blame. But look again. Elokobi has two players to fight against and noone is there to help him out. We saw that at many occasions last season. The wingers must help out defending and it’s not only about being fast going forward but to come back helping out defending aswell.

      So where were Hunty on this occasion? Damn if I know. If he was pushing forward when we were in the lead with two minutes to go he did the wrong thing and he will be told that from Mick, I’m sure. The central defender at the left side – at the time Richard Stearman – must also help Elokobi out when both their winger and back are pushing forward and we become one short.

      Berra was pretty good at that last season, Mancienne awful. So often it’s not just one player to blame for bad defending, it’s the way the team agrees to play and the cooperation between players at certain areas of the field. Hopefully they will sort it out during training and in the games left before the league starts.

      • Foley was on the wrong side of his man or too slow, I would say.

      • I agree to that, but with Hunty further down in the field helping Elokobi out it wouldn’t have developed to a goal chance at all.

  4. Yes it’s a chain of unfortuneate accidents. If Hunt have had kept his defensive duties, as you point out, the goal could’ve been avoided. It would have been interesting to see how the attack started. What we can see is that Hunt is wrongly positioned in the middle of the park.

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