Andy Keogh off to Leeds (video)

Veteran Wolves player Andy Keogh (well, he has been with us for 4 seasons and played 108 games but he’s only 25) today leaves on loan to Leeds United to the next transfer window.

Andy haven’t really made it at Wolves since we reached Premier League status and has struggled last seasons, trying to find his feet out on loan to Bristol City and Cardiff. He had his fair share of injuries aswell and it’s not easy to compete with our strong strikers or indeed wingers nowadays. But he was crucial for the team when we fought to get premier status and he will do good at Leeds, I’m sure.

Keogh is also an Republic of Ireland international with 21 cups in his belt. He is somewhat of a favorite with ace coach Trapattoni who uses to play him in a winger role and hopefully he can keep his position by more playing time at Leeds.

Below is a tribute to a player I personally like and believe will finally find success at the highest level. Paddytheflea wishes Andy good luck in the club he started up with as a teen.


~ by paddytheflea on August 15, 2011.

One Response to “Andy Keogh off to Leeds (video)”

  1. Top tribute Paddy. Happy days!

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