Probable Team Lineups: Aston Villa v Wolves

When and where is it better to show your real colours than in a derby? Our beloved team have the opportunity to do this on Saturday against Aston Villa in Birmingham.

So far so good. No lost points, but Villa away is a real challenge. Funny enough they have played the same teams as we have so far, but Fulham away and Blackburn at home, resulting in one plus three points. As Fulham are a much better team at home than away it is fair to say that the Villa start to the season is about (or at least nearly) as good as our own. So respect!

Adding  to that Aston Villa finished 9th in the Premier League last season, but much have happened to their team since. Downing and Young are gone and they are two players very hard to replace.

Their managing team are also replaced which means that it will take time to get the team working effectively together again. If it just was about putting a team of skilled players together and shoot, Manchester City would have been the best team in the world a long time ago – and they weren’t.

Adding to that we actually did beat them at Villa Park last season, remember! Jarvo was the scorer and it was a fantastic game. It was 31 years since we last did that at Villa Park. This season it’s 31 years since we did win three in a row in the first league. Say no more!

Villa also had a very hard time beating their cup opposition (was it Hereford?) despite having N’Zogbia and Bent on from start, while Wolves could win easily despite changes made on all eleven positions.

With the above in mind – and the fact that Wolves looks like a more complete and harmonious team now – there’s very little saying that we can’t do it again (with the probable result that the Villains will shout for McLeish’s head 😆 ).

Let’s not speculate anymore, but get on with the facts. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake was injured in the cup after scoring a brace. Out for a month, they say. Tragic, but he wouldn’t have played from start anyway. Edwards and Guédioura are fit again in a couple of weeks.

In Villa Agbonlahor, Luke Young and Heskey were taken off with minor knocks against Blackburn, but they are reported to be fit to play again.

Not much to beat in the bush about. It would be a surprise if Wolves didn’t start with the same team that convincingly went victorious against Fulham. That means a change of all eleven from the cup-game.

Villa played with a 4-2-3-1-formation at home against Blackburn and they will probably do it again. If everybody’s fit I believe they will stay with the same team as well.

It’s a bit scary to play 4-4-2 against a type of 4-5-1, I always think. Especially away, but we have done that well before and the players are instructed to and by now knows how to adjust to it in defending.

Paddytheflea – me, myself, I 😆 – is much better at giving you the right result in Wolves games than any pundit or betting company, having picked the right results and goals against both Blackburn and Fulham (just look HERE and HERE).

It could be the third in a row for me aswell. Despite what I said above to Wolves advantage I will say the result will be one all and I can see Fletcher scoring for us (I’m bad at picking scorers, though).

Below are the very probable starting elevens in Saturday’s game at Villa Park.




~ by paddytheflea on August 26, 2011.

10 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Aston Villa v Wolves”

  1. Wolves are shit. Villa will whack them and they will go back crying to their shit-hole.

  2. Not a big-mouth flea-bag. Let see what happens on Sat.

  3. Great summary Paddy.I can see Wolves coming away with another win…and 2-0 too.It amazes me that the inclusion of a new face can completely change the balance and therefore performance of a team in such a way as Johnson has.There is also the point that everyone is another year older and wiser!!
    So we’ll see Karmjit come Saturday night…… looking forward to your comment then!! Perhaps they may be wiser too.

  4. Oh yes looking forward to it. UTV.

  5. Hi, AVFC fan intruding.
    Yes it was Hereford they played the other night. I didn’t watch the match, but from what i was told Villa were all over them in the second half. Yes Bent and N’Zogbia did start, but other than that, it was pretty much the second string.
    You can come up with all reasons you want as to why Wolves might have advantage, but those things you mentioned about Villa don’t mean diddly when it comes to kick-off on saturday. May the best team win.

    I don’t think the management team taking time to get the “team working effectively again” is a valid arguement, not based on the results so far and pre-season also. Things seem fine at the moment and McCliesh has had plenty of time to prepare.
    I doubt the Villa fans will be calling for his head either, even if we’re 1-0 down. They were singing his name the other day.

    If i was betting man, i’d mark it down as draw.
    Although after last weekend, im hopeful of a Villa win.

  6. Karmjit your a *bleep* Wolves are looking unstoppable at the moment. We showed that were giant killers last season.. and would have finished higher than villa last season, if it wasnt for stupid mistakes.. but as paddy says, its a year later, and we have quality at the back, quality in midfield, and two forwards who will do anything to make sure were on the score sheet. Villa will be the toughest test so far.. last season i would have been begging and sweating for a draw in this fixture.. but now i cant wait to see another 3 points on the board for the old gold n black! Bring it on!

  7. Going to be our toughest test so far. With Bent up front Villa will always be dangerous, been interesting to see how Johnson fairs against him. Hoping for a win but a draw would be a result.

  8. 0-0……. considering we weren’t able to play because of an excellent Villa defence….a good result!!

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