Analysis & Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Tottenham

Hi folks! Pretty good times with an international rest when Wolves are on fifth place in the league, eh? Seven of nine points in the first three games of the season spurs me (!) and gives me the opportunity to put on my favorite figure from the SF-world with that same name. 😆

Let’s not get too carried away though. To get a point from Villa away was good, but we did not create much going forward and the passing game was not good enough.

I actually hope for some improvements against Tottenham Hotspurs on Saturday. With zero points and a place in the bottom of the league Spurs must be desperate to pick up points against a Wolves team still regarded upon as newcomers by most.

If we can keep them from scoring against us for as long time as possible they will become nervy and then ‘arry’s game plan and organisation will go down the drain. There-in lies our chance to win the game.

Despite playing at home I hope and suggest that Wolves adapt the tactics to counter attack at speed from the flanks as the back line of Spurs clearly are their weakest point.

The problem is though, as I see it, to get the ball to our wingers and to get it up the short way. None of our probable starting back four – with the exception of Ward, perhaps – are particularly good at the passing game and the ball could get stuck or lost in the inner midfield or just kicked up willie-nillie like against Villa and become too easy to defend for the Spurs defence.

So Jarvis, Hunt and O’Hara will be our key players. If we get the ball to them in the early stages of a counter-attack we can hope for a raffling game with a Tottenham team not daring to pressure up the pitch too heavy or doing it and get caught on the back foot.

Despite having some injured and out of play – most notably van der Vaart – Tottenham has a very good team. There has been reports about Jarvis being injured in Wolves, but the latest reports say that he is good to play, but Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is still out for a couple of weeks. Edwards, Zubar and Guédioura are back in contention, but none of them will play from start.

I’ve managed to predict the result and scores for our first two games and the draw against Villa, but I thought it would be one all. The result for Saturday? I place Spurs as a better team than Villa, but we play at home. Everything really depends on Wolves and our tactics. If we manage a good counter attacking game we could win it, if not we could lose big. The obvious choice therefore is a draw. Two all and a very good game!

The probable starting elevens at Molineux below.




~ by paddytheflea on September 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “Analysis & Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Tottenham”

  1. Scott Parker in mf for sure (no kranjcar)
    also king tipped to play ahead of kaboul

  2. I think Parker will start ahead of Krancjar, we need him to do the battling with Henry as that is all he is, Parker is a far superior player just like Spurs are all over the pitch, I can safely say that not one of your players would get into our team.

    We should walk it your best player OHara couldnt get into our squad and anything less than a win would be a disaster, with Parker and Adebayor in the team we have no excuses

    • You lot never learn, do you? What happened last season and the season before that? 😆

      O’Hara is a very good player and has developed a lot at our place, but I don’t rate him as our best player. Doyle, Fletcher, Jarvis and Johnson are all worth more on the market, and probably rightly so.

      But it’s not about individual player skills. It’s about the team and yours is in it’s composing stadium while ours have played together for a long time. And we know how to deal with you and will hopefully show it this time again.

    • Typical obnoxious Spurs fan ! (Sorry Paddy I can’t stand this lot)

  3. Lennon is injured, so I think you will see Bale on the right with Kranjcar on the left and Parker making his debut alongside Modric. Other than that I think you probably have the team spot on! Have a feeling it will be a cracking good game as it was up there last year. If Spurs score first and if Adebeyor is on blob, you guys could be in for a very difficult afternoon! That said, any one of the 3 possible outcomes in this game are easily likely and I think that makes it one of the most intriguing fixtures of the weekend! COYS

    • Aaah. Pity I didn’t get that info before I wrote. Thank you, coys4life and i believe you got the probable changes right.

      I believe it will be a cracking good game aswell and the outcome is very hard to guess indeed. There are much easier objects to bet on than this one for sure.

      • You could even see a surprise inclusion or two in the form of Ledley King and Dos Santos!!! Gonna be a nail biting 90 minutes whatever way for us yids!!! Lol

  4. Another tough game (well, they all are in this league!) . Jarvis looks likely to miss this due to an ankle injury so we may see Hunty on the left and Kightly or Hammill on the right, no other changes though. A close game but I expect Wolves to nick it by 1 goal.

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