Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Queen Park Rangers

First of all let me tell all QPR faithful and hopeful that you will take home nothing from this game. Because this season Wolves will be an established team in the middle of the Premier League, and those teams win home games against newcomers struggling to stay in the league.

Am I perhaps putting out my neck too far by the statement above. I don’t believe so. By that I also express the demands from the supporters on the team this season. Now is the time to show that we are no more a team struggling to stay up. A team among the first ten in the Premier League loses only six home games a season as a maximum and I hope and believe that we will be such a team.

Queens Park Rangers, a heavily economically backed up team from the London area, have signed twelve new players in this summers window and by the look of it from their draw against Newcastle latest they are the most competitive team of the newcomers in this seasons Premier League.

They have a very familiar face up-front in former Wolves playboy Jay Bothroyd. Together with midfielders Taraabt and also newly signed winger Wright-Phillips he forms an attacking force that looked dangerous in the game against the Geordies. Manager Mick McCarthy was at the game, though, and is of course informed and Wolves will not let these lads play their free-flowing game the way they did at Loftus Park against Newcastle.

Notable is that the game I’m talking about ended a goalless draw despite many chances given to Bothroyd.  The England International has, like many new to the Premiership, problems with precision. Long may that continue.

There are worries that Steven Fletcher cannot play on Saturday. If not I hope McCarthy will take the opportunity to give Nenad Milijas a start in midfield and play a 4-5-1 with only Doyle upfront. QPR are using that formation and with our strength on the flanks and O’Hara being allowed to go further up the pitch it will not be a defensive formation.

Vokes is not good enough to take a place upfront from start in my opinion. An alternative could be to play Ward there, but that could mean a weakened left back position with Elokobi. McCarthy has suggested he could play Kightly upfront, but I don’t believe its one of his first options.

QPR played well against Newcastle all the way up to the last strike, so they will have no problems fielding the same team from start against us. With twelve newly signed their players will have some problems working together and I hope we can benefit from that by pressuring them high up the pitch. That’s another reason to play Milijas in the middle, but sadly I don’t believe Mick will go with that.

The score? I think we will win by three goals to nothing and that Doyle, Ward and O’Hara will score for Wolves. Below are the probable starting elevens at Molineux on Saturday.




~ by paddytheflea on September 16, 2011.

12 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Queen Park Rangers”

  1. Yr a fucking plank!! Yr team is no more established in the premiership than anybody else’s. And yr conceited views make me, along with probably every other non-wolves fan who reads this garbage, hope and pray youget yr arses kicked by frankly a more exciting team than QPR.

    • You just try to hang in there and you and your team will get a lesson, graham. 😆

      • paddy don’t even try to explain football to this idiot, he is a landan “fan” and you know their brains only stretch has far as Watford.
        Lets just hope our lads give them a thrashing and send them back to their day jobs – looting.

      • I’m a man utd fan. Yr article is just shite and it holds no weight. Yr a 2 bob side in a 2 bob part of the country. U need to get yr head round that fella

  2. Aww now Paddy – you’ve only gone & dropped Doyler now – come on man get a grip.

  3. Graham you are a moronic wanker of an has been, qpr are a money team, when the owner gets fed up and runs like the others qpr will be in administration.
    Theres nothing concieted about praising your own team you stupid cretin, I suppose you are either an unmentionable supporter or a landan looter spouting his almighty gob off, paddythe flea is more knowledgeable about football than you will ever or hope to be.
    Now run along mummy is calling you for your teasy weesy’s you little moron.
    oh by the way have a look at the history of both clubs – what have qpr ever done but exsist………………erm exciting! like against Bolton…ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, you make a village idiot look sane!

  4. Paddy, after your predictions last season i hope you haven’t jinxed us mate! I’m going for a QPR 0-6 win. That should help Doyler find his magic.

    Jog on graham you mug!

  5. Ah hahahaha. Conceited pricks…not as good as u think are you???!!! Haha well done QPR!!! Love it!!!

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