Wolves v Millwall (clip)

I’m mostly reporting from the Premier League this season as I seldom watch the cup-games and don’t have the time to write as many articles as I used to. Haven’t watched this one either, but found a clip on the Tube that I want to share with you.

If anyone logging on was at the game, please give us your knowledge about how they played and if you think any of the players is worth a start against Pool on Saturday.

Nice to see that Edwards scored after only three minutes of play when being out for so long injured and that Hammill put one in the net on that set piece. Lovely goal.

The spectacular goal, though, was of course the last one from Guédioura. What a screamer! Not to mention his set-up for the Elokobi goal. Is he good enough in the defensive shores to replace Henry against Liverpool?

Apparently they played a 4-4-1-1-formation with Edwards behind Vokes upfront in first half changing to Kightly in the second. I’ve got no stats on it, but I think that formation suits Wolves players. This is how we lined up yesterday:

———- De Vries ———
Doherty –  Stearman –  Berra – Elokobi
Hammill (Jarvis 86)  – ­Guedioura – Milijas – Hunt(Spray 73)
——- Edwards (Kightly, 45 mins) ——–
————- Vokes ————–

And these are the scorers: Edwards (3) Hammill (7) Elokobi (38) Spray (Vokes?) (77) Guediora (88).

The clip is not good quality, but the goals are. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on September 21, 2011.

9 Responses to “Wolves v Millwall (clip)”

  1. From what I’ve seen from Guedioura, he’s at his best when he play in a central midfielder role. Both Edwards and Guedioura are dynamic, Henry static. Both are players ideal in a 4-5-1 formation. Maybe they are to dynamic to stabilize our midfield? Two losses in a row and MM need to make some changes. We don’t score enough goals. The game in the match came from a defender and midfielders. Could they produce similar performances against premier league opposition? yes, we’ve seen Guedioura and Edwards do exactly that, a few times. What we need is a concistent goalscorer, like last seasons Fletcher. Or a lot of goals from midfield. It is difficult relying on shots from distance as the keepers in premier league holds very high quality, and aginst Wolves they expect shots from distance. I’m looking forward to see what MM will do to change our game to our advantage.

    • I’m not sure that I’m looking forward to it, Karlir. 😆 I don’t believe he will do much, but it’s very important to consider players defensive qualities aswell, not only qualities going forward. I’m not sure that Guédioura measures up when it comes to defending, but I think Milijas does, but unfortunately he playes on the left and I don’t believe MM will change Henry for Guédioura and I think O’Hara is a good player.

  2. WHERE IS IT >??

  3. Guedioura and Milijas in. Henry out. Doyle on his own up top. Hunt on the left, Hammill on the right. Usual suspects in defence assuming Johnson is fit.

  4. Wonder if we could get Michael Owen on load….

  5. or loan even!

    • 😆

      Does that mean that Wolves have to pay for the flights with his helicopter? Seriously. I would be surprised if they are prepared to loan him out. Very good to have for them in the cups and abroad. But, sure, he would do a nice job for us, only if…

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