Probable Team Lineups: Liverpool v Wolves

The ones engaged in betting have no doubts that Liverpool will win this game, but in many cases I believe they are a little too confident about the outcome.

I still have hopes that the QPR game was a one-off and Wolves game against Millwall in the cup showed everyone that we have a strong squad this year and many players are knocking on the door to be let into the first eleven.

Despite Wolves winning this game last season this is one of the toughest away games of the season. Liverpool have strengthened their team considerably and have a place in the Champions League as a target, a goal they may very well reach.

However the game last season showed our lads that it is possible to take points from their place and that could spur them to yet another wonder up-north. They wont give up beforehand, you can be sure of that!

Most of our players in the first squad are now back in contention, so Mick has plenty of choices which makes it hard for me to predict the starting eleven for Wolves. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake has at least a week left before he can figure in the team again and Kevin Foley,  Ronald Zubar and Jody Craddock are still out, but nobody of them would be in the starting eleven if injury free.

Liverpool have Agger and Johnson injured and plenty to choose from. As Wolves they did a good game in the cup against tougher competition.

There are rumours that Wolves will go 4-5-1 in this game and I for one applauds it. We will be hanged up to dry if we go forward with too many men i this game and our inner midfield showed weakness in the defence against QPR. Another man is necessary and I believe that man will be Adlène Guédioura who did very well against Millwall.

Liverpool also have a midfielder showing that he wants to get playing time in the first eleven for them. Bellamy was on the run in the cup and could figure from start at Old Trafford.

To the result, then. Wolves have bettered their defensive play since last season if we look at all the games played this season, and with a five men midfield we will be able to effectively lock the back door. We could suffer a single goal in the back or we could be lucky and do one ourselves, maybe on a set piece. The most probable result, though, is a goalless draw and I would take it if it was offered now.

The probable starting XI:s at Old Trafford (below)




~ by paddytheflea on September 23, 2011.

7 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Liverpool v Wolves”

  1. Wow, Lucas LeiRa? And we play at Old trafford? That Liverpool lineup looks way of as well. Where’s Downing? Not sure Skrtel will play after his disaster of a match last week

  2. That your selection for Liverpool team? You must be joking!

  3. For the record lads the team will be reina Kelly carra skrtel Enrique Henderson Lucas Adam downing Suarez kuyt. I have it on good authority and the source is always right. My opinion on the outcome is 2-0 kuyt and Suarez. Wolves are a good outfit though so if we don’t play like we can do we’ll drop points! ..I am a Liverpool fan so people will prob think I’m biased lol!

  4. Hmmm…. Henderson ahead of Maxi ? Maybe but I hope not. Selection if on merit, Maxi, and or Downimg must be in . Gerrard to have 45 0 30 mins run in 2nd half for Adams.

  5. Sorry I meant 25 – 30 mins minimum for Adams and if we do well Carroll should come in for either Suiarez or Bellamy if we have a 2goal cushion.

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