Analysis & Ratings: Wolves v Newcastle

It’s a heavy burden to be a wolves supporter today. The whole world seems to be against us, denying us justice and fair play. Worst of all, the ones that should see to that justice is done on the playing field are not doing their job and are in fact instead robbing us of points.

It’s a scandal and I feel violated myself and wonder how the players feel, trying their very best  and eating their hearts out to come back from being two goals down, getting robbed twice of certain goals.

Having said that I’m not pleased with what I saw at first half from Mr O’Hara and Mr Henry and our back four did not play at their best either. Both inner midfielders made mistakes that lead to Newcastle having a two goal lead after the first half. I’m pleased, though, that McCarthy finally seem to get that the lack of skills of Karl Henry makes the whole team weaker, week in week out and that there must be a change in inner midfield if Wolves will realise their true potential and start to play at their very best.

Hopefully Mick will realise that the weak performance of Karl Henry was not an isolated appearance, but something that has stopped Wolves from performing for a long, long time now. He seem to have a black spot when it comes to his play, so I’m not really sure he’s got it even if he replaced Henry in the second half.

The fact that Milijas – the guy that I believe to be the closest to compete for the Henry position – was not even on the bench, disturbs me greatly. Instead we had two right backs watching the game from the bench. I wish that the club explains why our – together with O’Hara – best inner midfielder gets no playing time when the inner midfield clearly aren’t up to it.

With that said I’ve addressed the two most important negative things from the game against Newcastle. Happily there are some positives aswell. Despite we lost with two goals against one we were the team that had most chances at goal. We created very much in this game. More than in any other game this season, probably more than in any game we played since we begun playing in the Premier League.

Only a very good goalkeeper, Krul, in Toon and a very bad referee and linesman stopped us from scoring more goals. Well, of course players like Jarvis, O’Hara and others lacked the precision needed when it came to the final ball and of course the Newcastle defence played very well to stop us from scoring, but I doubt that we will see Wolves creating that many chances in another fight this season without getting goals from it. 

Still, like against Liverpool we didn’t play at our best defensively in the first half and got punished by it of a very good team with better precision than Wolves. O’Hara losing the ball led to the corner and the goal where Hennessey should have done better being more aggressive and our back four should have marked better aswell. Before the second we also lost the ball from a clumsy pass and Gutierrez could speed right through our defense like a knife through butter.

And I’m there again. Bitterness. That’s really what comes from that game, despite trying to see the positives. If this match will have a positive effect in the end depends on how the players will take it and how the manager will change the team to tackle the weaknesses. I hope the players will take it better than me and that McCarthy will see clear about what went wrong in the first half and how it should be fixed. To the ratings, then.

Hennessey – 5 – He has to take some responsibility for the first goal. Did a spectacular save that he didn’t know of himself and was good at finding Fletch and Doyle with his kick-outs as usual, but no stars today.

Stearman – 5 – Was good going forward and his passes was more accurate than they use to be. His defending, though, was not always the best. Let Guiterrez past him too easily many times and Ba aswell. I appreciate that he had a lot to do and good players against him, but we have three other players competing for that position and he has to do better to hold it. Should have done better on both goals in the back. An extra point for the work going forward.

Johnson – 5 – Was completely outplayed by Gutierrez and Ba several times, included the second goal and as I said before he is not the bargain top-of-the-league player we thought Wolves bought. At least not when he performs like he did today.

Berra – 5 – Slightly better than Johnson today, but not good enough. Helped Ward more on his side than Johnson helped Stears out.

Ward – 6 – The only of the back four that had a descent game both defending and going forward. Like last game it was Ward and O’Hara who took the ball forward most of the time and started our attacking game. At defending he did some mistakes, but even helped Stears out at times on the other side. A good example to the others when it comes to fighting and doing the right things at the right time.

Henry – 4 – An appalling performance and the seated ironically and deservedly clapped when he was replaced just before the hour. Very little involved in play. Only thirteen correct passes in an hour. what was he doing when not giving away the ball? He is an alibi player without an alibi. Maybe one out of three games he has a descent performance. That’s not good enough at all.

McCarthy has not brought in a natural competition for his position and that’s very foolish. I wrote at the end of last season that bringing in a better player than Henry at inner midfield could be the difference between struggling for survival and becoming a team in the middle of the league. I still hold that believe. Henry must be out of the starting eleven now and if McCarthy for some reason doesn’t let Milijas take his place he must bring in proper competition in January. Wolves future hangs on it.

Guédioura – 6 – Completing the same amount of passes as Henry on half of the time and worked all over the pitch. Good at putting pressure on the opposition defence by going forward at every chance. Had a good shot blocked and made a good interception at the other end. I’m not shure that Adlène is the best replacement for Henry we have – I believe that Nenad Milijas is better in that role – but better than Henry he is.

Hunt – 5 – Strangely little involved. Only nine passes all game. At least they were all correct. In some games he just disappears and this was one of them. Perhaps because he was trying to stop Gutierrez from playing, having a predominantly defensive role, I’m not sure. Replaced at the same time as Henry.

Hammill – 7 – At least McCarthy got the replacements right. Hammill lifted Wolves game with his crosses and hard work on both wings. It’s time for this young man to play from start now, Mr McCarthy! You should have played him instead of Kightly and now he did a better job than Hunty.

Hammill  is very creative and every time he comes on he lifts the teams efforts going forward. Created two attempts for others and had three himself, one on target in only 32 minutes. Also assisted with a perfect cross to the Fletcher goal. Found his head point blank, something Jarvis tried all game put failed at.  Hammill gets my Smiley Bouncing thingy and maybe should have had more if he had played for longer, Mr McCarthy!

O’Hara – 7 – A hard one to rate, as always. Playing beside Henry is not exactly the dream position as he gets little help. He gave away the ball before a Toon goal and was sloppy with it on a couple of other times and his shooting is not good at all at times.

But then again he rules the world with some of his passes and shots and set pieces that almost results in goals. And he truly IS the engine to our attacks and with a percentage of 83 at accurate passes he is not too sloppy and with five created chances and four chances himself he actually gets the little Star!

Jarvis – 6 – Creates a lot and also had a couple of chances himself, but also burns a lot of chances by turning in hopeless crosses and sometimes gives away the ball too easily when attacking. Should I rate him for trying or for coming to the right positions he would have got a higher rating, but I have to take at least a point away for the lack of precision he shows. Outside of that he worked very good both in attack and defence.

Doyle – 7 – Another hard one to rate. Looked more lively than in most games this season, but hit the wall against the Toon defence. Actually he had three on target attempts before twenty minutes was gone of the game. And we all know that he actually scored a goal, but the referee did not recognise it. I rate him as that goal was in and Doyler was close to getting more than just my sympathy.

Fletcher – 8 – With seven attempts on goal, but sadly only two on target, he was much more involved than he uses to be. Also created attempts for others and an important player to hold the ball up. His patented goal from the far post looks easy, but timing is the hardest thing in football.

He was worth at least another goal for his performance today and with better delivery from Jarvis he would have scored more, I’m sure, both me and Jarvo saw him lurking by that post more times than one. A little more precision with his feet is though needed and wanted. This performance is though enough to render him Paddytheflea’s Big Star!


Highlights in the right margin as usual (as long as it works)


~ by paddytheflea on October 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “Analysis & Ratings: Wolves v Newcastle”

  1. I agree with most of this apart from the O’Hara rating which is laughable. Busy yes effective no and although Henry gave the second goal away it all stemmed from O’Hara giving the ball away right in front of goal moments earlier! Can’t understand why Milijas isn’t played in this role for at least part of the game ( as we all know he can struggle with 90 mins). Can’t be long before he will be on his way.
    Otherwise start Hammil and Guedi and see what happens!!

  2. I agree with Chippy wolf too, as I saw O’Hara give the ball away right before Henry’s mistake.
    I am very disappointed in the officials and I do believe that we could have got a point from this.

    • It’s like a two-sided coin. he did mistakes, yes, but he is at the same time our most influential player going forward and you can not overlook that and only look at the mistakes. That will give a biased picture of his performance and the game. A friend of mine has watched stats from the PL season so far and Wolves created more chances than any team has done in the league so far. Many of those chances were created by Jamie O’Hara. He goes forward, he creates but he lacks some precision and consistency. When that is added he will win many games for us.

      • Actually Manchester United created the same amount of chances against Arsenal (25), but they scored on eight (8) of them. With better precision, a better referee and some luck we should have scored enough goals to win the game. But shit happens!

  3. I am a toon suporter bt strongly feel u guys shud hav got smthng frm ths game, though im hapy with 3 points i sadened by ref work rate in the premier league same goes in the game between rovers and liverpool its pathetic. Sory wolves fans hope u win the next game

  4. The last four games have been awful and we have started the season as we did last year. No improvement! We should not be investing in a new stadium if the team are not good enough to beat QPR and Newcastle at home. Sorry to say it’s time for a new manager!!! Sack Mick now!!!

  5. Toon fan here. Unlucky Wolves, some real poor refereeing decisions, but these things seem to happen all the time, the quality of officiating in the PL sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. However it’s nice to see us getting the breaks finally, and these things tend to even themselves out over the season (unless you’re Arsene Wenger !).

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

  6. Lets not sack anyone just yet. (except Steve Kean) I may not Mick’s biggest fan but even I know, he’s the guy to keep Wolves in this division. Who do you want?? Alan Curbishley? Mark Hughes? Martin O’Neil? Roberto Martinez? Before the game I’d be happy to take a draw. (Im a proud Toon) Drop that Neanderthal Karl Henry. You’re midfield did not function. 2 words: Cabaye & Tiote. They + Krul are the reason we’re where we are right now

  7. I don’t ever knock the players who are on the pitch and it was disappointing to hear the Mocking at Henry’s substitution. Whatever anyone things of Karl Henry he always gives his all and that as a fan is all you can ask. Mick picks the team so criticise him if you want to but dont boo your own players. It affects every single one of the team when one individual is picked on by the moronic minority. Look how Ward has upped his game since the boo boys got off his back. Confidence is a very important part of being a good footballer. Tosser fans should remember that when they are knocking their own players.

  8. Can’t see where you get O’hara’s rating from. For the first hour both Henry and O’hara were very poor. If anything O’hara was slightly worse. In fairness he never hides and always wants the ball, and did improve late in the game, but McCarthy could just as easily taken him off rather then Henry. Guedioura looked very good for 20 minutes – but he usually does when he comes on as sub. I can remember very few (if any) games where he’s started and produced that level of performance over 90 minutes. I do agree that Hamill deserves a start though.

    Of more concern to me is Roger Johnson. From looking solid as a rock early in the season he’s now had at least 3 poor games in succession. He should have dealt with Guttierez for the second goal (after O’Hara and Henry had given the ball away) but hesitated and then got easily by-passed.

    • What would have happened if O’Hara had been taken off instead of Henry? We would have lost about half of our abilities going forward and still we would have been weak in defence. I rate O’Hra very highly when it comes to taking the ball forward and attacking. According to the stats he is sixth best player in the league at making correct passes in the opponents half of the pitch.

      Many supporters tend to rate only the negative things a player does in a game, but you have to look at the positives aswell. As I said O’Hara was the engine in the game and created lots of chances to the team. To take him off would have been idiotic. Henry on the other hand was rarely in contact with the ball and had nothing to do with bringing the ball up or attacking, something we needed to do being two goals down in the game.

  9. We either start playing our best players, and bringing in Premiership class defenders or its time for a change of managers. Mcmuppets ineptitude in the transfer and insistence on playing his favourites will see us in the championship next season. Guranteed

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