Probable Team Lineups: West Bromwich v Wolves

Will the Wolves faithful be able to go to work on Monday with their head still held high? That is a tricky question to answer this season, as both teams are destined to end up in and about the same position this season in the Premier League.

Both teams have struggled in the first games. West Brom haven’t won at home yet and Wolves have lost four consecutive games. That sounds like the teams are destined to end up struggling to stay in the league, but I’m not so sure about that. There are worse teams in this league and by May I believe both Wolves and the little club down the road has sorted it out.

What about the local derby on Sunday, then? Well, both teams have problems up front. Fletcher is out with a calf injury for Wolves and Odemvingie is playing, but is not doing it well, not for Voy and not in his national team.

The injury on Fletcher means almost for sure that Wolves will play a 4-5-1-formation or a variant of it. The alternative would be if Ward or Vokes takes his place (with SEB not yet match-fit), but Ward is needed at left back with Elokobi injured and Vokes has shown nothing in this league so far.

So I believe in a 4-4-1-1 with Edwards playing behind Doyle from start. McCarthy has formed the team that way before without visible results in goals, but Edwards has not been far from scoring and he is a good box-to-box midfielder with skills to go forward.

An alternative would of course be to put on Guédioura from start, but I believe McCarthy will sub Edwards for him with about half an hour left instead, but I could be wrong and I know most of the fans hope I am. I bet, though, that most will change their minds about Edwards should he score, and he has the skills to do it.

One change from start I believe will be that Hammill takes a wing position instead of Hunty. Hunt is almost necessary with four in the middle, but could be replaced now as he is not in form and Hammill looks more at it at the moment. I hope I’m right about that one.

Most of all I would like Nenad Milijas to come into play from start, though, but for some reason he seems to be in the ice-box. Haven’t got a clue why, because he was one of our best players when he was on last season. I would like to see him play in the Henry role, but that’s clearly not going to happen as McCarthy will play Henry at any price, no matter how he performs  or has not performed in the games so far.

So how will the “Hawthorner’s” form their team? I believe Hodgson will play with two up front at home, but not that Odemwingie will be one of them. He will probably come on later, though. Steven Reid is doubtful in the back and will probably be replaced with debutant Billy Jones.

With one more in the middle we should dominate midfield, simple arithmetics, but is it that simple? Let’s just say for now that I will be very disappointed if we’re not, to say the least. That doesn’t have to mean that we will win the game, though, we have to stop their forwards and our back four can’t afford to make any mistakes.

The result? Will we be able to go to work with bragging rights remaining? Like many others I believe in shared points this weekend, and that’s a good result for Wolves. High time for Doyler to score one and I hope Edwards scores aswell. Probable teams below.




~ by paddytheflea on October 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: West Bromwich v Wolves”

  1. Our best alternative:

    He has actually played in several positions, and is good with the ball, is two footed and has speed.

    Plus we could play Guedioura on the right wing.

    Out of darkness cometh light…

    • Interesting option, Karlir! Would be nice to test him in the role as a striker, but perhaps not from start away against Shits. I wonder if he has been tested in the role in training with Wolves.

    • That was actually your 100th comment on Paddytheflea’s, Karlir. Congratulations! What do you win? Hopefully a win in tomorrows game! (Don’t answer this or you may spoil everything) 😆

    • Checked out Hammill mow and he played for Barnsley as a striker substitute for 40 minutes in one (1) game against Watford in the 2009/10 season. That’s all experience he has in later years in the league up front. Oh, and they lost the game 1-0. So can he play as a striker? Who knows? Most wingers can and I suspect he is a better choice than Jarvo, anyway. He is not proven in the role, though, and apart from those 40 minutes he has played in no other position than on the wing for Barnsley, regardless of what the scribe of that article writes.

  2. Sadly I am starting to lose confidence in MM now. He’s done a great job to date but maybe he’s taken us as far as he can. The team is full of spirit, hard work and effort but while that may get you somewhere in the Championship in the Premier league you need that extra spark of flair and imagination from the type of player MM doesn’t seem to rate. He would rather have 11 grafters than someone who scores goals but doesn’t tackle back and run their socks off. And that’s why sadly I don’t think we’ll see any improvement in our results under MM guidance.

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