Probable Team Lineups: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Swansea City

This is it . The big one. Turn or burn, lads, turn or burn. Can they handle the pressure and the talk on town and turn out as winners? I believe so, but it’s not for me to believe, they have to believe in themselves and I hope they do.

After all. Swansea at home should, on paper, be the easiest game of the season. Stats say that they are the lousiest away team in the league and I’ve seen their defensive play against other teams. It’s totally laughable. No markings.

What worries me is their free flowing forward going play. They are good with the ball. Arsenal in disguise, and we always have problems with Arsenal. Doesn’t suit u,s the way they play, but maybe I worry for nothing. Gosts gets into my mind. Surely we will win this??!


Fletcher is out and Foley has had surgery on his foot and will probably be out til January. Steven Caulker, defender, is out for Swansea along with Stephen Dobbie, Alan Tate and Kemy Agustien.

How will McCarthy form the team? The Swans will play with a 4-5-1-formation for sure and with Fletcher out and in doubt about the match fitness of Ebanks-Blake I believe he will play with one man up front aswell (read Doyle). There’s nothing wrong with that, really, with five in the middle we are strong and it worked very well against the Baggies. We didn’t lack chances in that game, just the ability to put the ball into the net.

Many of my friends want to hand Guédioura a start. He shows power going forward, but he was a bit sloppy last and I thought Hammill did a good job and I believe he ill continue from start on the wing. McCarthy will not change the back four either, despite many of them not performing. Actually I believe he will put out the same eleven from start as last game.

So what about the result, then? When I have a sober look at the game, without all the fuzz surrounding it, we should win it easy. It’s the cork out of the bottle and three against nothing for Wolves. IF we get the first goal. Rejoice!



~ by paddytheflea on October 22, 2011.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Swansea City”

  1. Squeeky bum time again ! I have lost count of the times that we have had to play a ‘win-or-bust’ match over the last few seasons ! 🙂
    Swansea have a lot of pace and that worries me – flashback to last week and Johnson v Long !
    Rumour is around that SEB will start up front with Doyle but I hope this is just a rumour as SEB is still not capable of 90 mins and it would be a big risk. If SEB does start then probably Milijas will have to make way.
    I have been very dissapointed in Jarvis lately, he looks to have lost the confidence to beat his man, so it would not suprise me to see Hunt replace him. I am a big fan of Hammill and he would benefit a lot from a run in the 1st team.
    A close match with Wolves coming out 2-1 and hanging on desperately at the end !

    • If McCarthy is smart he will play SEB from start against City on Wednesday instead, but you never know. I’m also very disappointed at the play of Jarvis., but Hunt doesn’t look in form either. I really hope that Milijas will play today. With a 4-4-2 we run an risk to lose midfield to them and all could end a disaster.

  2. dont underestimate our super swans. we will bite your wolves in the backside.on a limited amount of money,brendan rogers,has done a great job.which is the start of ,i hope many years at this wolves,i reckon youre arses will be twitching this afternoon.

  3. SEB in Milijas on the bench !

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