Probable Lineups: Wolves v Manchester City (League Cup)

Wolves are at war. Unfortunately not on the pitch against other teams, but let’s hope it spreads to that aswell. In my humble opinion both parties got it wrong. McCarthy for not bringing the right team on from start and the ‘mindless idiots’ for voicing their opinions in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let’s move past that, though, another day another game. It will be second string teams tonight so don’t think that we shall meet the team that crushed Manchester United, that have to wait until Saturday. 😆

In Wolves Kevin Foley, Steven Fletcher and Ron Zubar are the only ones out with injury  and City has but one injury, on Hargreaves, but other problems with players (read Tevez).  It’s not easy to know how the managers will set up the teams tonight, but I’ll give it a try.

The result? It will be much tighter than most people think. It’s inspiring for many of our players who usually not starts to play against City in the cup and that could lift them for a game and it suits us well to be underdogs.

There are players both in City and Wolves who will make mistakes and it’s the team with the players who makes the least of them that will win this game.  If the managers play their teams right, and I know that Mr Mancini does that and can only hope that McCarthy will get it right this time (look below), we will win it!



~ by paddytheflea on October 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Probable Lineups: Wolves v Manchester City (League Cup)”

  1. An interesting team-lineup actually with a lot of players best without ball (runners), with the exeption of Miljas and Guedioura.

    I would like to experiment with O’Hara on the left wing. Zele should be included in the squad to give him match experience (copying the Man U way) against premier league teams.

    I’m not surprised if MM plays an even stronger team. I don’t think mindless idiots gonna shut up if we’re coming 2 or 3 goals under. So we better surprise every negativity with a victory or a good performance.
    And we could’ve needed a lively Griffith’s. He scored two goals for Hibs the other day.

    “Good luck Wolfpack.”

  2. I cant see SEB playing a full game after his injury so we may see Vokes start, I also thought that big George was still injured? Anywho the rest of the team looks about right though we may see one or two youngsters warming the bench. Zele played last night so as much as I would like to see him I dont think there is much chance. UTW !

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