Probable Team Lineups: Manchester City v Wolves

Here we go again. Why do we play you twice a week? Not an ideal order of things in this universe, is it? Let’s face it, anything better than a two goal defeat is actually a good result in a game like this.

In the game against the second string City team nine of our eleven players were second string aswell, but as I believe a couple of them are merited to play in the first eleven, there will be no big difference in playing skills from Wednesday on Saturday in Wolves, but very probable so in the home-side, I’m afraid.

Is there anything Wolves could do to actually stand a chance against this in form team of giants, then? As I said many times earlier we should form the team with five in the middle to get both more strength going forward and gain better defensive powers.

I would prefer two defensive inner mids and a forward going one. We have players in the team who are able to play well in those positions and it will allow us to play with two reasonably fast wingers, who will both go forward and help out our full-backs in defending.

Actually I have no doubts that Mick Mccarthy already before the Wednesday game decided who will play in the starting eleven today. He usually doesn’t play any players who have been involved for 90 minutes only three days prior ti kick-off, but he will probably have to change his own rules when it comes to Stephen Ward. There’s no alternative to him available, as Elokobi also played the whole match in the Cup.

My team against City would look like this:

————- Hennessey ———-
Stearman – Johnson – Berra – Ward
———- Henry – Milijas ———–
Hammill —– O’Hara —— Jarvis
————- Ebanks-Blake

Unforunately I believe that our manager will opt for a 4-4-2-formation, totally against every sane knowledge about tactics and the opposition we face in this game. Foley, Zubar and Fletcher are, by the way, out and they are all players that would have been an assett in this game.

City changed all eleven starters when they played in the cup and will probably change back to the team that thrashed Manchester United at Old Trafford. Let’s hope that they have been out partying, drinking, taking lots of drugs or something. 😆

The result, if we play with the right formation and players, will be a two goal defeat. If we play with two up front we will be outplayed in the middle and we risk to suffer a defeat worse than United.

A sentence from -68 to guide Wolves on their difficult task: – You don’t have a chance – take it! 😆



~ by paddytheflea on October 28, 2011.

12 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Manchester City v Wolves”

  1. Change Jarvis for Hunt, take SEB out and put Guedioura in so we have a 4-5-1


  2. I hope you are wrong with this line up but agree it is unlikely to see the changes due to players who have very limited match time coming in after playing on Wednesday.

    I think Jarvis needs a rest as he is pretty weak at the moment and I think a break from first team football would help him. As City is virtually unwinable this is a good one to sit out.

    Johnson also needs the same “rest” and I would like to see Craddock in but agree he is unlikely to be fit enough after Wednesday.

    As for Blake there is no place for him in a starting Premiership 11 he simply isn’t remotely good enough. I would like to see Milijas play at least 45 mins as for me he is a really class ball player and tops for set pieces but not for 90 mins. Maybe a half/half with Edwards is a possible. In any case a 5 player mid field is a MUST.

    O’Hara is worth playing but I hope we see a much more controlled and accurate performance than that of late.

    As you say if ever a match needed a Fletcher and Foley this is it!!

    All I want is the same spirit as shown on Wednesday, the result is not at issue only the manner and spirit we play in.

    • Hope I’m wrong too, Chippy. Maybe MM will play Milijas from start in a 4-4-1-1 with O’Hara behind Doyle?! That would be much better than a 4-4-2 anyway, but we will still get punished.

  3. I would like to see edwards and vokes involved at some point. I think both have played really well recently when given a chance by Mick mcstubborn

    • Me too, Sleath! I hope they are let in as subs for O’Hara and Doyle or SEB. In form and with some matches they can be our secret weapons in the second part of this season. We need more power in the air up front. O’Hara, Doyler and SEB are too short and weak in that department and in our first eleven we don’t have anyone with the skills in the air necessary to take care of the many crosses we manage to get into the area in our matches.

  4. There has to be a space for Guedioura. Him, O’Hara and Milijas were some of the select few who could compete on Wednesday night with the stars (allbeit second string!) of City. I’d add the energy of Edwards into that mix and you’ve got your midfield four plus a winger (I’d choose Hammil or Hunt over Jarvis). This gives us both an attacking but also energetic midfield for chasing the ball down and the odd bit of defending which we might just find we’re doing on Saturday afternoon!! I’d never join the boo boys over Henry, he’s given us so much over the years, but I can see so much more in our alternative midfielders at the moment. Doyler up on his own over Seb (loses the ball too much in the Prem) and give Vokes 20mins in the second half. A good work rate and a bit of discipline and cohesion within the team and I’d say we’d be good for giving them a scare (2-1), crosses is their weakness Mick!… I live in hope….

    • I still haven’t given up hope on SEB, Womble Wolf. You got to remember that he is not match-fit yet and need some minutes yet to get into it, but when he is I believe he can do the same thing as he did in the CC in the PL if he get sthe ball at his feet in the area.

  5. I liked your favored team, except that I would play Doyle instead of Ebanks. I don’t know why you would prefer Ebanks instead of Doyle. Maybe it’s because he is a typical goalscorer.

    Pushing O’Hara up in an attacking midfield role sounds just right, as he’s our danger man number one.

    Man City is premiership’s Barcelona. I don’t like the gap between the best teams and the teams on the lower part of the table – It’s too big. Funny with many goals though not very exciting.

    If we win this match it would be our greatest victory.

    • Two reasons to play SEB instead of Doyle, Karlir. firstly because I want Doyler to rest a bit and get fit to face Wogan. Secondly because I want SEB to get match-fit by playing. He is not yet playing at his best and he could move mountains when he is. I don’t believe we stand a chance to get any points from this game, so it’s sound to think a bit at the next encounter and spare some resoures to that and at the same time get a couple of players a very valuable work-out for the future.

  6. Nothing is impossible no matter the odds in football (not in premier league; QPR did it). And a top trained player should be able get enough rest when there’s over 7 days between to rest, so I argue we should use Doyle. 6 points are better than 3 :=)

  7. Hope you’re right about Seb (should he play) Paddy… I agree that with the ball at his feet in the area he can be lethal but so much of the rest of his play is found wanting in the Prem. Playing as a front two and especially off a big man in Looms in the CC was ideal for him. He doesn’t seem agile or enough of a presence/nuisance against opposition defenders at this level. I hope he proves me wrong tomorrow. UTW!!!

  8. I agree with some of the replies above Blake hasnt got the pace or mobility he needs to thrive in the premier league – Guedioura should be given a run of games as a sitting midfielder who can break forward instead of 10 minutes here and there to produce something specatular-would also possibly go more narrow playing milijas aswell – jarvis and johnson should be rested.

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