Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Wigan Athletics

It’s a little scary. Not just me but loads of people in and around Wolves, and for that matter Wigan, believes it’s make or break on Sunday. Wigan with seven defeats behind them and we have one lousy point in the same amount of games.

I usually don’t write much about previous games between clubs, as I don’t believe that it affects the upcoming one much. Hopefully history will not play a role on Sunday either, but I would like you to know what I wrote here a little more than a year ago, after we had played Wigan (on Boxing Day 2010).

Is there a life after Christmas? I remember asking myself that last year at about this time and we seem to be in the same predicament this season. And of course there is! We are no pigs we are Wolves, Foxtrot -Foxtrot-Sierra. There was a life last season after Christmas and there will be this season – despite all people on different boards saying otherwise.

The season before that we met Wigan at home in the middle of January and lost again. Stears got red-carded and I wrote:

“It is a gloomy evening. And I’m not talking about the rain or the darkness. I’m talking about the loss against Wigan – a team I thought we had all chances to pick up a win against. And we really had that. Until the fatal decisive moment of the match when the referee caught Stearman feeling the quality of an opponents shirt in the penalty area.”

Last season we played a 4-4-2-formation with Ward and Ebanks-Blake up-front and lost 1-2 and the season before that e lost with 0-2, playing Doyle and Ebanks-Blake up-front in a 4-4-2-formation. As I said earlier I don’t believe in bogey teams and such, but I do believe that if we make the same mistakes when forming the team year-in-year-out we will end up with a broken nose, hitting the wall time and time again, and losing the game.

In the beginning of every season McCarthy wastes time and points by experimenting with the team formation, desperately trying to play 4-4-2 with known results. He gets some confirmation as Wolves use to win a little in start of the season, but then it becomes obvious for most that our midfield is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of other teams when only four. The problem is that McCarthy always seem to be one of the last to notice this.

Wigan, like Swansea – the team that manager Martinez bossed before – is very much a football playing team that are good at keeping the ball and passing it around. With a weak middle of the playground we do not stand a chance against that type of team and play so let’s do it right from start now, Mr McCarthy. Much is at stake, play 4-5-1.

Against Manchester City latest MM applied just the right formation with Henry as a defensive mid and Guédioura going forward a little bit more on occasions, but also a little laid back while O’Hara played just behind Doyle. On the wings we played Edwards and Hunty, but they did a lot of defensive work helping our full-backs a lot and did not move forward much. Probably out of necessity aswell as pure tactics.

In the upcoming game I don’t believe we have to show that much of caution as against City, but the formation should remain the same. Perhaps it would be wise to play either Jarvo or Hammill to add to our power going forward from start. I think McCarthy reasons about in the same lines, because we did a good game against a good team and it’s safety first, but with and edge.

Maybe it’s somewhat of a blessing that Fletcher is not fully ready yet to play from start, so that MM will not be tempted to play another season against Wigan with the 4-4-2-formation. For Wolves Foley and Zubar are out aswell. In Wigan Diamé is doubtful and Caldwell is out because of five yellow cards.

Wigan will play with a 4-5-1-formation for sure, and that’s of course another very good reason for us to do the same. Rodallega, a curse for Wolves in previous game and a very good player, has not been in form this season and let’s hope that continues over Sunday. They are a bit frail in defence and prone to making mistakes, but this game is as important to them as it is to us, if not more, so let’s not kid ourselves. It will be a game when everybody on the pitch will put everything in to take the three points at stake. A massive game.

Before I show you the probable team line-ups, then, what will be the probable result? No team will benefit from a draw and I believe that the home team often have an advantage in these kind of games. Why? Because they have the support of the crowd. So let’s support them well on Sunday and we will win with at least two goals.



~ by paddytheflea on November 4, 2011.

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  1. I am so in agreement, Paddy. I hate a miserable winter although I live in the tropics. =)

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